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BS/MS funding

Financial aid: scholarships and GRA's

A student admitted to the BS/MS program may have her/his studies funded by a Graduate Research Associateship (GRA). This funding is typically available upon entry into the BS/MS; in other words, the student's senior year can be funded by a GRA position.

GRA positions provide students with full payment of tuition and laboratory/computing fees, partial payment of health insurance premiums, and a monthly stipend. The total value of this package can be in excess of $45,000 annually. In exchange for this, the student carries out research for the faculty member on a given project. This research project typically provides the student with the topic that will become the focus of a Master's thesis. GRA positions are not, however, guaranteed to every student eligible for the BS/MS. Funding and admission cycles may not permit the offer of a GRA in a given quarter.

The MSE or WE program will work with the student to help him/her find such funding prior to an offer of admission into the BS/MS.

Typically, admission to the BS/MS program will not be approved until the MSE or WE Graduate Studies Committee is satisfied that the applicant has secured GRA funding for his/her studies. Courses taken as a BS/MS student are billed at the graduate student rate--higher than the undergraduate tuition rate--hence the GSC's insistence on GRA funding to pay for the student's studies.

Effect of the BS/MS on scholarship funds

If a student is admitted into the BS/MS program, the student's rank is changed from  an undergraduate in Engineering to a combined undergrad/grad status. This combined status allows the student to take both undergraduate and graduate level course work.

However, this new status may have a serious effect on any scholarship funds received by the student. Any scholarship support provided by the MSE or WE program will be ended effective in the quater in which the student enters BS/MS status. As regards any non-department scholarships (within OSU or external), it is understood that the BS/MS student will abide by the policies of the funding organization.

Office of Student Financial Aid
It may be helpful to discuss any concerns regarding such scholarships with the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Securing a GRA position

Students meeting the minimum requirements for the BS/MS program are strongly encouraged to contact the MSE or WE  faculty and explore the possibilities of working as a Graduate Research Associate (GRA). This exploration should happen in parallel to application.

Typically, our BS/MS students have close contact with faculty members in their field of interest. Through this contact a student may secure a GRA position. It is recommended that the student secure a GRA position prior to submitting a BS/MS application. The MSE or WE Graduate Studies Committee will not approve admission of a student who does not have GRA funding.

Listing of GRA positions within MSE and WE