MSE-WE Transfer Credit Procedures

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New MSE and WE graduate students with graduate credit earned at other schools are required to submit the Transfer Credit Request form below.


Often graduate students entering our program have completed graduate courses at other universities. This may take the form of individual courses and/or a Master's degree. These previously earned graduate credits may be transferred into Ohio State to be applied toward degree requirements. 

Two sets of requirements may be addressed by using the procedures below:

  • Graduate School minimum credit requirements
    The Graduate School requires a minimum number of credits to earn an MS (30 credits) or Ph.D. (80 credits). By transferring in previously earned credits this minimum number of credits can be reduced.
    GND--Graduate Non-Degree credits must be transferred into the degree track using this process.
  • MSE-WE degree-specific requirements
    The MSE and WE degrees require students to address certain categories of courses to fulfill the MS or Ph.D. requirements. Previously earned graduate credits may be petitioned to be applied toward these degree-specific requirements. It is expected that the student and advisor have discussed the proposed transfer before submitting the form below.

Please note: These are two separate processes to apply transfer credit against two different sets of requirements. Please contact Mark Cooper (.73, 614-292-7280) with any questions after having reviewed the information below.

Submit Transfer Credit Request form
Use this form to alert the MSE-WE Graduate Studies Coordinator, Mark Cooper, of your interest in transferring credits. Mark will follow up with instructions specific to your request.


Additional information


Please contact Mark Cooper (.73, 614-292-7280).

MSE Graduate Studies Committee Chair: Dr. Roberto Myers

WE Graduate Studies Committee Chair: Dr. Boian Alexandrov

Transferring Graduate Non-Degree (GND) credits earned at OSU

Students who have earned graduate credit while part of the GND program must request that these GND credits be transferred from non-degree status and applied to the student's degree track.

Please complete the Transfer Credit Request form to request GND transfer. Additional instructions will be provided.

Note that no more than 10 credits taken while in GND status may be transferred into a student's graduate degree track.