Foundry Club

photo of student pouring molten material in foundry, Ohio State

The Foundry Club at The Ohio State University

Foundry Club (American Foundry Society - Ohio State) is an organization that is for anyone with an interest in the metal casting industry. The club provides hands-on molten metals processing and casting experience, as well as student-led casting design projects, professional development events, and industry tours.

A foundry is a place where metal is melted down, poured into a mold and turned into an engineering product, which can be used in countless applications.

Who is in the Foundry Club?

We are not exclusive to MSE or engineering majors, and encourage anyone interested to join our events. 

Contacts for Foundry Club

President - Spring 2023
Ben Sorkin

Graduate Advisor
Michael Moodispaw

Faculty Advisor
Alan Luo

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