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Information on the application process for students seeking to enter Ohio State in pursuit of a Bachelor's degree in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) or Welding Engineering (WE).

Application to Ohio State

OSU Office of Admissions undergraduate application
If you are interested in becoming a student in MSE or WE at Ohio State, be sure to list Materials Science and Engineering or Welding Engineering as your intended pre-major.

College of Engineering Admissions
This link contains information on admission criteria for new first-year students, transfer students, and internal students transitioning from other OSU colleges and regional campuses.

Pre-major status in MSE or WE

All students interested in engineering at Ohio State enter the university in a pre-major status, given that they meet the admissions criteria of the college. Students may choose to declare Materials Science and Engineering or Welding Engineering as the intended major on their OSU Application for Admission. With this, the student enters under pre-major status and will be accepted into full major status pending the successful completion of the preliminary requirements.

As a pre-major in MSE or WE, you will be advised by the department's Undergraduate Academic Advisor, have the opportunity to meet upper class students and faculty throughout the year, and join in departmental activities. Students in MSE and WE are typically ready to begin major courses in the second term of their sophomore year.

During the freshman year, most engineering students in the College of Engineering take a common curriculum of Math, Chemistry, Physics, English, and OSU's innovative Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) program or the Honors version (FEH), which provides hands-on engineering labs and projects beginning the student's first quarter on campus.

Link to information about Academic Advising in the College of Engineering

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Scholarships & Financial Aid
The MSE and WE programs are able to offer scholarship awards to incoming freshman and transfer students of up to $1,000 per year based on high school academic performance and standardized tests scores. These awards would be in addition to other College of Engineering and/or Ohio State awards for which a student may be eligible.