Academic integrity & disability accommodation statements

MSE-WE academic integrity & disability accommodation statements
The MSE-WE department adheres to the university's policies on academic integrity/misconduct and the accomodation of students with disabilities.

Distance Education

Distance Education program - Master of Science in Welding Engineering
We are proud to provide an on-line distance education program for students seeking to expand their knowledge but who may be unable to attend classes on-campus as a full-time student. Our online distance education courses allow students from around the world to access courses at the graduate level.


MSE & WE courses
Basic descriptions of courses for both the Materials Science and Engineering Program and the Welding Engineering Program. Provides undergraduate-level information, including credit hours and display of lecture times and locations.


Class schedules & offerings by term for the two programs. View class schedules for both MSE & WE using Google Calendar. Also lists the courses to be offered by term.

MSE course offerings

WE course offerings


Enrollment information
Deadlines, fee tables & policies, enrollment aids, and more.