Ph.D. degree, MSE

Information concerning the pursuit of a Ph.D. in MSE, including degree requirements, Candidacy Exam procedures, Dissertation Overview procedures, time frame for completion, graduation details, and more.

Time frame for completion

The typical length of time for completion of a Ph.D. degree while enrolled as a full time student is approximately five years, inclusive of Summers. A student holding a GRA or Fellowship will often combine research and academic studies during the first two to three years in the program. During this period the student will take 14-16 courses to develop his/her knowledge of MSE.

After taking the required PhD Core Courses--i.e., one to two years after entry in the program--the student may request to take the Ph.D. Candidacy Exam (more via the links below). Roughly one year after the Candidacy Exam the student is to complete the Dissertation Overview exercise. The overview is designed to give guidance and help the student focus his/her thinking concerning the dissertation topic.

Roughly six months to one year after the Dissertation Overview the student is to present and defend an acceptable dissertation.

Degree requirements

Ph.D. degree requirements
MSE-specific requirements necessary to earn a doctoral degree in materials science and engineering.

Candidacy Exam procedures

Candidacy Exam procedures
Information concerning the Ph.D. Candidacy Exam, including prerequisites, required documents, what to expect during the exam, suggestions on how to prepare, and more.

Dissertation Overview procedures

Dissertation Overview procedures
Provides information regarding the purpose, timing, and the form needed to complete this required exercise.

Dissertation development and defense

Dissertation defense instructions

Procedures for the Ph.D. student's final term, including graduation application, forms & fees, and the dissertation submission and defense process.