WE Publication/Presentation Requirement

The effective dissemination of research results is an important skill for all students that write a thesis or dissertation. To this end, evidence of having done so in the form of a conference presentation (MS) and/or an article published in a recognized journal (MS or PhD) will be a requirement of the degree.

Completion of this degree requirement is confirmed by means of a Welding Engineering Publication Form which will be signed (by way of DocuSign) by the student's advisor and Graduate Studies Chair.

Welding Engineering Publication Form

Welding Engineering Publication Form
This form, completed using DocuSign, is required to confirm that the publication requirement has been met.

The form should be completed after the requirement has been met. Instructions for the form's completion are at the link above. The student initiates the form by providing the advisor's name & email then completing the form and attaching proof documents. DocuSign then forwards the form to the advisor for signature and then to the GSC Chair. A copy of the completed form will be cc'd to the student.

It is this completed form that is to be attached to the Graduation Review Request form when the student seeks to graduate.

Proof required--Attach to the DocuSign form proof of conference presentation (MS only) and/or acceptance or publication of your article (MS or PhD).

  • Proof of presentation can take the form of the conference program listing the student's name as a speaker or similar evidence.
  • Proof of publication of a paper in conference proceedings (MS) or in a journal (MS or PhD) can take the form of an email stating acceptance of the article or the article itself. Simple submission of an article for acceptance is insufficient. The article must have proof of acceptance by the journal, or publication by the journal. The student will be asked to attach to the DocuSign form the published articles or proof of publisher acceptance of the articles.

View sample Welding Engineering Publication Form

Requirement for Master's with Thesis

To earn the MS with Thesis degree students will be required to generate at least one of the following:

  • Give at least one presentation at a technical conference (e.g., TMS, AWS, MS&T, or equivalent)
  • Acceptance for publication, or publication, of at least one conference proceeding paper
  • Acceptance for publication, or publication, of one peer-reviewed article in a recognized scientific journal (e.g., Acta Materialia, Welding Journal, or equivalent).

The student should be the first author on the publication submitted.

The presentation/publication requirement must be met to avoid delaying graduation and further enrollment (and fees). Given the relatively short amount of time MS students are in the program, the student and advisor should plan early on how this requirement will be met. 

Requirement for Ph.D.

The student is to generate a minimum of two publications which are accepted in peer-reviewed, recognized scientific journals (e.g., Acta Materialia, Welding Journal, or equivalent).

  • If impact factor of the journal is 4 or greater, only one publication is required.
  • The student should be the first author on at least one of these articles.
  • The publication(s) must be accepted for publication; a document that has simply been submitted or is under review does not meet this requirement.

Status summaries leading up to publication--At two key points leading up to degree completion the student will be asked to summarize plans to meet the publication requirement.

  1. At the student's Candidacy Oral Examination the committee will ask for a brief verbal summary of the status of the student's publication plans. This does not need to be overly detailed but is aimed at causing the student to look ahead to publication.
  2. At the Dissertation Overview (which should occur at least 6 months before graduation) the student will provide another verbal summary of the status of publication. The student should be ready to share with the committee draft article titles, co-authors, publishers, timelines for submission, and any other pertinent details. 


Questions related to publishing or the timing of completion of this requirement are best addressed by the student's advisor.

Questions regarding the use of DocuSign should be addressed to Mark Cooper.