Welding Engineering Distance Student Network Collaboration

The Welding Engineering ‘Distance Student Network’ Collaboration Organization was established in April 2023.

This student organization aims to connect hundreds of online distance students currently pursuing their welding engineering degrees at The Ohio State University by increasing collaboration and communication through mentorship opportunities, professional development programs, and engagement with on-campus Ohio State University welding engineering students. All students at Ohio State are welcome to join this student organization.

The organization supports development of the welding engineering profession by:

  • encouraging student participation and engagement within the industry
  • providing a network in which online distance students can connect, share experiences and support all members of welding engineering community at Ohio State University

Through the completion of scheduled virtual and in-person volunteer activities, welding engineering distance students can connect with other students in the organization and further promote community engagement through multiple geographical areas. By scheduling geographical and regional meetings, with virtual ‘call-in opportunities’, members can connect, share network connections and experiences and mentor other students in their regions through community outreach and support.

This organization provides a collaborative organization in which current Ohio State University students interested in the Welding Engineering program can speak with current students, ask questions and gain insight into the program.


Benefits of the Welding Engineering Distance Student Network Collaboration Organization

  • no membership fees
  • majority of events are virtual
  • opportunities for Executive Board support
  • attend professional development courses
  • Engage in outreach activities with high schools

Interesting in joining?

Please contact Liz or Prof. Bourgeois

Liz Lekarczyk
Student Organization Leader


Professor Desmond Bourgeois
Student Organization Advisor
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About WE Distance Student Network Collaboration