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Centers and collaborations

Department research laboratories
ACRC manufacturing Ohio State and UC Irvine
Advanced Casting Research Center
Director of Ohio State affiliate: Alan Luo
ACRC is one of the largest industry-university consortia in North America dedicated to collaborative research in metal processing and manufacturing. Our focus is metal casting and digital manufacturing. Ohio State University is an affiliate of ACRC.
Breathalyzer developed by Perena Gouma
Advanced Ceramics Research Laboratory
Director: Perena Gouma
Ceramic science and engineering focuses on the powder and thin film processing of ceramics with emphasis on the liquid, solid, and vapor phase synthesis of semiconducting metal oxides.
photo of Helios NanoLab 600 DualBeam CEMAS
Center for the Accelerated Maturation of Materials
Director: Hamish Fraser
The purpose of CAMM is to integrate computational methods with experimental techniques. This work looks to speed the often lengthy development time involved in bringing a theoretical material through the development stage to final fabrication and use.
Ahadi Research Group Area 2
Ahadi Research Group
Director: Kaveh Ahadi
Our lab focuses on high-quality thin films and heterostructures of quantum materials, which we grow by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). We are interested in functional and high spin-orbit oxides and topological materials.
Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence at Ohio State additive manufacturing
Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence
Director: Nate Ames
The Ohio State University's Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) works with companies and researchers to translate new technologies into real-world, market-ready manufactured products.
Semanti Mukhopadhyay Ohio State Materials Science and Engineering CEMAS
Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis
Director: Dave McComb
CEMAS is the preeminent materials characterization hub for industry and academia.
Center for Superconducting and Magnetic Materials Ohio State kA cable
Center for Superconducting and Magnetic Materials
Director: Michael Sumption
Our emphasis is superconducting materials, including their formation and structure as well as their magnetic and electrical properties. CSMM has research programs in various aspects of superconducting materials, including MgB2, Nb3Sn, and YBCO.
Center for Weldability Evaluation micrograph
Center for Weldability Evaluation
Director: Boian Alexandrov
Addresses failures and loss of properties in welds of advanced alloys and facilitates implementation of advanced alloys in critical welded structures. And more.
Femto-Solid Labortory Enam Chowdhury Ohio State Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Femto-Solid Laboratory
Director: Enam Chowdhury
Femtosecond laser induced damage fundamentals and applications, probing laser damage with atomic spatial and femtosecond temporal resolution, high energy density conditions and more.
Fontana Corrosion Center
Director: Gerald Frankel
Focuses on the study of corrosion in an effort to protect materials from the harmful effects of environmental degradation and how microstructure affects corrosion and more.
Cottrell atmosphere by Cr. T.M. Smith et. al, Acta Mater, 100 pp 19-31, (2015)
Ghazisaeidi Group
Director: Maryam Ghazisaeidi
Uses atomic-scale computations- electronic structures and classical potentials- coupled to larger length-scale continuum and statistical mechanics to improve and predict the properties of existing and new materials.
photo of disc and microchips Tyler Grassman Research Lab Ohio State
Grassman Research Group
Director: Tyler Grassman
Focuses on the development, production, and characterization of novel materials and combinations of materials for electronic and photonic applications. Of particular focus is the area of photovoltaics, as well as other clean energy technologies.
Hybrid Autonomous Manufacturing, Moving from Evolution to Revolution
Director: Glenn Daehn
NSF's HAMMER is developing a new approach to design and manufacturing, putting product needs first and then finding new manufacturing pathways based on the agility of artisans and reproducibility of machines.
photo of a weld between JSC 590 steel and 5052 Al created by automated VFAW at Ohio State, Brian Ufferman
Impulse Manufacturing Laboratory
Director: Glenn Daehn
IML develops novel manufacturing solutions using impulse-based processes to shape and join materials in unique ways by moving metals at high speeds.
Micro-resistance spot welding of dissimilar platinum to niobium wires Wei Zhang Ohio State welding engineering
Integrated Computational Materials Engineering for Welding
Director: Wei Zhang
ICME-Welding employs physics-based research in modeling to provide insights into manufacturing processes and materials behavior.
Zhu and Hwang
Jinwoo Hwang's Research Group
Director: Jinwoo Hwang
This research group develops new atomic-scale characterization techniques based on scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) to investigate the structural origins of a wide range of important properties of materials.
LMML tensile testing Ohio State materials science and engineering
Lightweight Materials and Manufacturing Research Laboratory
Director: Alan Luo
Research typically applies to automotive and aerospace applications where efficiency is a function of material weight. Manufacturing processes and materials sustainability are also large components of research and development.
Simulated material flow field in SRFSW with CFD for complex tool geometries Xu Liu Ohio State Welding Engineering
ManufacturingX Laboratory
Director: Xun Liu
ManufacturingX Lab focuses on development and analysis of advanced manufacturing processes, which integrate mechanical, material and computational modeling multidisciplinary research fields.
Roberto Myers Research Lab tile
Roberto Myers Research Laboratory
Director: Roberto Myers
Research at Roberto Myers Research Laboratory focuses on optoelectronics, epitaxial heterostructures, spintronics, and thermal-spin transport
Ohio State University undergrad welding in space research team spring 2023
Manufacturing & Materials Joining Innovation Center
Director: Antonio Ramirez
A NSF I/UCRC, Ma2JIC focuses on closing the gap between new material development and joining of these materials, specifically in the energy industry,
Center for Performance and Design of Nuclear Waste Forms and Containers
Director: Gerald Frankel
WastePD was established as an Energy Frontier Research Center. Their focus is on materials for long-term storage of nuclear waste and the science underlying design of degradation-resistant waste forms.

Multidisciplinary centers