Direct Admit to the Major

Apply to the Materials Science and Engineering major

Students who have been admitted to Ohio State indicating Materials Science and Engineering as their area of interest will be enrolled as a Pre-MATSCEN students in the College of Engineering.

Admission to Major

Starting Spring 2021 the college will implement an admit-to-major process that will utilize one application for all engineering programs.  (This will not include Aviation, which will continue to utilize its program’s current admit to major process.)  This new process goes beyond the traditional grade metric and incorporates a multi-factor review through which the voices and stories of all of our aspiring engineering students can be told. Additionally, updated eligibility requirements will allow students to apply to a major earlier, which, for most students, will be the second semester of enrollment.

Students will be admitted based on background and thought that demonstrate:

  • Capacity to understand basic engineering principles and apply them in a variety of settings
  • Informed desire for an engineering discipline
  • Appreciation for inclusion, collaboration, leadership, and integrity
  • Drive to acquire and apply knowledge to enrich one’s life, work, community, and society

Recognizing the challenges in meeting the demand and space availability in popular majors, applicants will choose three majors of interest. In the College of Engineering Pre-Major Program, students will have the opportunity to explore multiple majors through both their coursework and opportunities to engage with faculty, academic advisors, and peers. Students will learn how different engineering majors can lead to similar career outcomes and be supported to make choices with intention and good information. Each year the university directly enrolls into engineering the number of students matching the total capacity of our engineering majors.  In principle we have a place in a major for every pre-major we enroll.  It is our expectation that a majority of students will get their first choice.

Link to more information about applying to the major.