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SU24 Enrollment Guidelines

Be enrolled for SU24 by April 19, 2024


We are asking that all students funded by a GRA or Fellowship be properly enrolled for his/her funding type by Friday, April 19. If you cannot meet this deadline, inform Mark Cooper(.73) and Mei Wang(.235) and explain your situation.

All students may still enroll and make online changes to their schedules through the first Friday of SU24, 5/10. See also the semester add / drop dates below.

Please note: No MATSCEN or WELDENG graded lecture courses or labs are scheduled to be offered during SU24.



Dates & Deadlines

Review the SU24 Enrollment Guide (pdf)

Faculty advisor for guidance on which courses to take.

Mark Cooper for questions about credit levels, deadlines, and general bureaucracy

SU24 Deadline Summary

Requirement Deadline
Enroll in SU24 by 4/19
Fee payment deadline 4/30
(SP24 EoS completion deadline) 5/6
SU24 start 5/7
Request graduation review 5/10
Apply to Graduate 5/24
Memorial Day--no classes, offices closed 5/27
4th Friday 5/31
(SP24 Incomplete grades due) 6/14
Juneteenth--no classes, offices closed 6/19
Independence Day--no classes, offices closed 7/4
10th Friday  7/12
Written exam & Oral portion of 
exam approved
Thesis / dissertation approved
by committee
Last day of classes  7/26
Commencement  8/4
End-of-term deadline 8/19
AU24 starts 8/20