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MSE Drop-in Tutoring: Winter 2024

Drop-in tutoring covering the sophomore and junior MSE curricula is available every Monday-Thursday from 4:00-5:00 PM when classes are in session. 

This effort is part of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering's continuing effort to make the major a welcoming and inclusive space for all students to learn.

We expect that students may be able to make a better tutoring relationship by working with the same tutor, an MSE senior, across multiple classes instead of only using individual class office hours.


Curricula taught in 2000- and 3000-level MSE classes



Drop-in hours are cancelled on nights before holidays and during university breaks.

Fontana Laboratories room 2130

Virtual tutoring - Zoom link

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

To schedule additional tutoring hours, email the times you are available to

The tutors

Evan Freeland Ohio State Materials Science and Engineering senior tutor autumn 2023

Evan Freeland

I am a fourth year MSE student from Columbus. I am especially interested in semiconductors and electronic materials. I like the MSE program because of how it blends fundamental research and engineering applications. I work with Dr. Grassman's research group by studying epitaxy for solar and optoelectronic devices, and I'm planning on going to graduate school next year.

Jacob Shell

Jacob Shell Ohio State Department of Materials Science and Engineering Autumn 2023 tutor

I am from Bellefontaine, Ohio and this will be my fourth year in the MSE program. I am focusing on semiconductor and electronic materials, and I am also involved with ceramics and polymers through research and additive manufacturing. My favorite thing about MSE is the diversity of knowledge it brings, allowing it to be applied to such a diverse amount of fields and areas in engineering. From plastics to superconductors or product design to failure analysis, the routes you can take are endless. I currently work with Dr. Gouma researching chromic effects in dielectrics for sensor and energy saving applications. I plan to continue research in graduate school. 

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Faculty Advisor

Jonathan Brown

Assistant Professor of Practice
Fontana Laboratories
140 W. 19th Avenue

Columbus, OH 43210

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Dennis Learning Center provides students of all backgrounds with strategies for college success that will enable them to enter, excel in, and complete programs of postsecondary education; and to accomplish this by applying expertise in education, psychology, instruction, and technology to the enhancement of learning and motivation.

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