Conference Rooms

Conference room reservations are on hold until further notice

The Ohio State University COVID-19 status

With the university's suspension of in-person classes and preference for video conferencing in place of face-to-face meetings, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering will not longer schedule conference room space (Watts Hall, MacQuigg Labs, Smith Labs, and EJTC). This policy is in place until further notice.


MSE complex

The MSE department's main campus complex provides four conference rooms that may be reserved for student and staff use: 177 Watts Hall, 184 Watts Hall, 267 MacQuigg Labs, and 477 Watts Hall. Additionally, 479 Watts Hall--a student lounge--may be "occupied". To reserve 177, 184, 267, or 477, please contact Marisa McGrath.

To reserve the 5 Smith computing lab (5097), please contact Mark Cooper.

Welding Engineering: ED 102 & 104

Two conference rooms may be reserved within the Welding Engineering program's space on West Campus at the Edison Joining and Technology Center, ED 102 & 104. Note: ED 111 is primarily used as a classroom during business hours in Autumn and Spring terms.

  • To reserve ED 102 or 104, please contact Ed Pfeifer, Laboratory Supervisor for Welding Engineering.
  • To reserve ED 111 (classroom) please contact Mark Cooper.

To view individual room schedules, click the small arrow in the upper right of the calendar window below and de-select rooms to display. Select the date range by clicking the dates and navigating to the desired range.

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Room attributes

  • 102 ED: 20-30 seats around 3-4 60" tables, reconfigurable. Projector available with VGA cable connection (no computer). Must be reserved through Mr. Ed Pfeifer.
  • 104 ED: 6 seats around a circular conference table. PC in-room which can display on a large-screen monitor; monitor can connect to laptop with VGA cable connection. Must be reserved through Mr. Ed Pfeifer.
  • 111 ED: Primarily used as a classroom. 60-80 seats at narrow tables. Projector available with VGA cable connection (no computer). Must be reserved through Mark Cooper.
  • 177 WA: Oval conference table with 6 chairs, space for 2-4 additional seats; 1 whiteboard; screen with portable projection system (no computer in-room).
  • 184 WA: Large U-shaped table (reconfigurable) with seating for 20+ as well as room for an additional 15+ seats along the walls; 2 whiteboards; 1 screen with computer projection system (video connection to projector and network connection available); dedicated computer (PC); video recording capability; conference call-capable phone in-room.
  • 267 MQ: U shaped center table Seats 9 + 4-5 along back wall; overhead projector (connection requires WiFi 'Sattva' app); PC (projector connection through Sattva); white board; sink/mini fridge; room darkening shades.
  • 477 WA: 25 seat, reconfigurable conference room with moveable narrow tables; large 3-panel white board that serves as a projection screen; in-room computer (PC) and projector.
  • 479 WA: Student Lounge Seating for 25+, four 4-seat round tables; 3 whiteboards, no projection system (though walls are white). This space is provided by the department for student use. However, since it is not in constant use by our students, department staff may make use of it. Please understand that students may make use of the room even during a "reserved" time.
  • 5 Smith Computing Lab: Student computing lab for MSE/WE students. Must be reserved through Mark Cooper.




Watts Hall and MacQuigg Labs: Marisa McGrath

Smith Labs and OSU classroom space: Mark Cooper

EJTC conference rooms: Ed Pfeifer