Conference Rooms

A number of meeting spaces are available in BMEC, EJTC, and around campus. Conference room space can be reserved through Outlook. Classroom Pool spaces may be reserved as well, though instructional use takes precedence.








Please contact Mark Cooper


Room Reservation Request form

Mark will check availability and make the reservation if the space is open.


To unlock rooms

Conference room space may be accessed using a BuckID (MSE-WE faculty and MSE graduate students), checking out a key using the KeyWatcher system, or by contacting student staff in 2136 FL.


Classroom Technology

Classroom Services

Contact Classroom Services for technology needs pertaining to Classroom Pool spaces.

Support for Fontana or EJTC conference room space is provided by ETS.


CEMAS Spaces

CEMAS provides multiple meeting areas that may be used for meetings and collaboration.

View more about CEMAS space reservation.