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MSE and WE Advantage

The Materials Science and Engineering/Welding Engineering Advantage initiative (MSE/WE Advantage) is a departmental undergraduate effort to build interest and financial support to enable greater student participation in themed, experiential, out-of-classroom learning opportunities with a goal to help build key skills such as:  interpersonal communication, leadership, confidence, teamwork, and creative thinking. 

Connecting classroom learning environment with real-world professional discovery

Experiential learning opportunities are well known to greatly impact the development of interpersonal/leadership skills through active use of data and learned theory when applied in an engaging, hands-on, real-world experience.

Interpersonal/leadership skills (often referred to as “soft skills” or “professional skills”) include, but are not limited to: emotional intelligence, practiced speaking and writing skills, conflict management abilities, team building, collaboration, confidence/self-esteem, global/cultural perspectives, diversity open-mindedness, initiative/entrepreneurial thinking, supervisory aptitude, curiosity/imagination, and adaptability. 


These experiences provide students with unique life lessons, opportunities to learn professional business philosophies, and involvement in diverse work cultures. MSE/WE Advantage experiences establish a true career advantage for undergraduate students in welding engineering or materials science and engineering program as they prepare for their professional lives.

Funding Undergraduate Opportunity through Philanthropy

Financial support for undergraduate out-of-classroom, co-curricular experiences is provided by valued alumni and engaged companies/corporations to cover the cost of qualifying out-of-classroom experiences.



Theme experience categories