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University Libraries

The William Oxley Thompson Library provides materials and services related to the humanities and social sciences. The collection includes reference materials, government documents and some special collections.

Department libraries support the course work and research in various fields of study. These libraries feature collections in agriculture, art, life and physical sciences, economics, education, engineering, human ecology, music, psychology, pharmacy, social work, and more. Librarians familiar with the subject areas and expert in associated research techniques are available for consultation.

Overview of resources for Engineering graduate students (video, 9 mins)
The university subscribes to many search resources and journals, spending $15 million per year, to provide our students access to the information they need to carry out research. Dr. Belinda Hurley provides a brief overview of the resources available to you. 

OSU Main Library

1858 Neil Avenue Mall
Columbus, Ohio 43210
614-292-OSUL (6785)

Engineering Library "18th Ave Library"

formerly the "Science and Engineering Library (SEL)"

175 West 18th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: 614-292-0211

e-texts--The 18th Ave Library offers a number of MSE & WE e-textbooks used in our courses. [view titles]

Research Commons (3rd floor of the 18th Ave. Library)

The Research Commons is a place where researchers can connect with each other and with services that support and enable their work. It is a campus hub for collaborative and interdisciplinary research across all fields, with a special focus on Data Management, Digital Humanities, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


  • Establish an ORCiD account (you can do this now, you do not need to wait until you are ready to publish). Worldwide organization of libraries and publishers.  Assigns all of your research to a number in addition to your name.
  • Establish an ILLiad account. Allows you to request scanned copies of articles for which we do not have an e-subscription.  You can also use this to request books that we do not have.
  • Install the OSU Libraries bookmarklet. Allows you to easily access articles and other resources from off-campus
  • Information on having books delivered to students living outside of Ohio: Distance User Off-Campus Delivery
  • To recommend a book for the library, please do so using this link:



Dr. Belinda Hurley

OSU Libraries’ Liaison for Physical Sciences and Engineering

490E 18th Avenue Library