Student Award Spotlights


Samantha Mendez, MSE graduate student, Outstanding Leader in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Service Award as part of the 2023 College of Engineering Graduate Awards (July)

Alivia Mourot, WE graduate student, receives Best Graduate Student Poster Award at Ohio State Materials & Manufacturing Conference for her research on the process-property-structure relationship in additively manufactured materials. (May)

Daniel Hong, MSE doctoral student, selected as DOE's Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program to continue research on nanoindentation of NiTi Shape Memory Alloys (May)

Rogine Gomez, MSE doctoral student, receives Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP) from the National Science Foundation (May)

Giacomo Melaragno, WE doctoral student receives NSF fellowship for additive manufacturing research (April)

Undergraduate Student Awards Banquet (April)

Jiayuwen Qi, MSE doctoral student, awarded 2022-2023 Presidential Fellowship (January)


Samantha Mendez, MSE doctoral student - 2022 Women of Color National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science (GEM) Student Leadership Award (January)


Nicole Yarris, WE Senior, 2022 Homecoming Court (September)

ASM International's IMAT 2022 (September)

  • Andy Planitz, B.S. MSE - Third place in the IMC Student Division - "An investigation of Acoustic Guitar String Processing"
  • Fontana's Finest members Greg Janas (team captain), Graham Clark, Nathan Heniken and David Wynn, Team advisor, Dr. Elvin Beach - First place in the 2022 Heat Treating Society (HTS) Strong Bar Competition

Brandi Wooten, MSE doctoral student, 2022 Tillman Scholar (June)

Paul Cuillier MSE doctoral candidate, receives DOE SCGSR award to study critical energy storage (June)

In-person undergraduate awards banquet returns to honor seniors (April)

  • Karl Graff Award- Kevin McIllvaine 

  • Alan J. Markworth Memorial Award - Brandon Layer
  • John Lippold Award - Sam Casto
  • Doug Rhoda Award - Maddie Wilkins
  • EWI Award - Emma Brunst
  • Outstanding WE Junior. -Carlos Henao Gelada
  • Outstanding MSE Junior - Hanna Fenstermaker
  • Department Chair's Award - Giamcomo Melaragno
  • Advisor's Choice Award (MSE) - Sam Gillespie
  • John Lannutti Memorial Award - Zachary Everett

MSE doctoral student Cheng-Han Li, Professor Carolin Fink, & Professor Emeritus John Lippold, TMS poster contest for materials characterization - 2022 EPD Materials Characterization Best Poster Award (February) 

Menglin Zhu, MSE doctoral student, awarded 2022 Presidential Fellowship (January)



2021 AWS Poster Competition winners (September)

  • Samuel Luther - 2nd place, graduate student track

  • Chris Hickman, Amber Johnson, Colleen Woidke - 1st place, undergraduate student track

  • Todd Anderson, Christopher Harman, Lewis Nerone, Michael Xu - 2nd place, undergraduate student track

  • Jacque Berkson, Claire Cary, Allina Mlinaro, Scott Sheffield - 3rd place, undergraduate student track

  • Evan Butler (WE student intern) - 1st  place, high school track

William Siefert, Ph.D. WE 2024, awarded an AWS Graduate Research Fellowship (September)

Hayden Beatty, B.S. MSE 2024, Best Student Poster Award at LaserNetUS (U.S. Department of Energy Consortium) annual meeting.

"Ultra-intense laser plasma interaction with silica microspheres" focused on creating warm-dense-matter states (believed to be the state of matter at the core of super-earths, Jovian planets, etc.) in the laboratory to understand their properties better (August)

Thomas Avey, MSE doctoral student, awarded best student oral presentation award at Mg 2021 conference (July)

Binbin Wang, MSE doctoral student, awarded Presidential Fellowship (May)

Jianxiong Li, WE doctoral student, awarded Presidential Fellowship (May)

Jacque Berkson, WE senior, 1st place at Denman Undergraduate Research Forum  (May)
Category - Engineering: Physical Sciences category

Presented on the effects of implementing a binary argon-helium gas mixture within the Laser-Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing process

Tessa Gilmore, MSE Senior, 2nd place at Denman Undergraduate Research Forum (May)
Category - Innovations in Technology, Mathematics, and Physics

Presented the process she developed that uses electrospinning to create both uniaxial and randomly oriented fibers at a high throughput rate. This innovative procedure has the potential to increase fiber production for commercial applications, meaning smart fabrics will be lighter and more versatile than what is on the market today.

Undergraduate Students Awards Ceremony (February 22)



2020 American Welding Society Posters Competition - our students won 50% of the posters

Michael Moodispaw - Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Student

Steven J. Harmon Scholarship from the North American Die Casting Association

Rebecca Vilcheck - Materials Science and Engineering Student
National scholarship from the Foundry Educational Foundation

Cheng-Han Li - Materials science and Engineering grad student
Presidential Fellowship from the graduate school of Ohio State.
Atomic-scale characterization of structure-properties relationships in automotive catalysts
Best poster at the NSF Nanotechnology forum
Edward Orton Jr. Chair Perena Gouma, Advisor

Allison Whitney - Materials Science and Engineering major
Honorable mention at the eleventh annual Undergraduate Research Forum for Engineering and Architecture
Development of Textured Antireflective Coatings for Optical Path Length Enhancement in Solar Cells
Materials Science and Engineering Professor Tyler Grassman, Advisor

Patricia Loughney - Materials Science and Engineering PhD student
2020 Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE) fellowship award
Identification of Structure-Processing-Property Relationships for Designing New Functional Polymer-Derived Ceramics
Assistant Professor Vicky Doan-Nguyen, Collaborator


Noah Talisa - Graduate Student (Physics)
Best Student presentation award at SPIE Laser Damage Conference
Single-shot femtosecond laser-induced damage and ablation of HfO2/SiO2-based optical thin films: a comparison between few-cycle pulses and 110 fs pulses
Assistant Professor Enam Chowdhury, Advisor

Fateh Mikaeili - PhD Candidate and Graduate Research Assistant, MSE
Best poster at the NSF Nanotechnology forum
Orton Chair Perena Gouma, Advisor

photo of Wichurat Sakulpaptong Ohio State Biomaterials
Wichurat Sakulpaptong, DDS and PhD Candidate in Division of Biosciences
1st place in the Basic Science category at the American Academy of Periodontology 
Associate Professor Heather Powell (MSE and Biomedical Engineering), Advisor

Molly Baumann (Biomedical Engineering)
Presidential Fellow beginning in 2020
Ablative Lasers for Burn Scar Remodeling
Associate Professor Heather Powell (MSE and Biomedical Engineering), Advisor

photo of Sam Luther
Sam Luther - Welding Engineering PhD Candidate

First place for artistic microscopy in 2019 International Metallographic Contest

Milind Pawar headshot
Milind Pawar - Materials Science and Engineering PhD Candidate

First place young scientist poster competition at XV International Symposium on Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis

photo of Michael Moodispaw TMS poster winner 2019 Ohio State
Michael Moodispaw- Fourth Year dual Materials Science and Engineering undergrad and graduate student

5th Place at World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering


photo of John Jamison Ohio State thermal spintronics scientist
John Jamison- Materials Science and Engineering PhD Candidate 

2019 ENGIE-Axium Scholarship Award