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Processing CAMM


AIP Hot Isostatic Press icon Ohio State
Removes structural porosity and heat treatment
gear icons for Gleeble Ohio State
Offers precisely controlled heat-treatments or thermo-mechanical treatments on specimens in an inert or vacuum atmosphere
gear icons for Inovati Kinetic Metalliazation TM Ohio State
Promotes development of new and improved metallic coatings
gear icons for Instron ETMT Ohio State
Tests small rectangular geometries 40x2x1 mm in tension at a wide range of temperatures, including room temperature
gear icons for Magnetron sputterer Ohio State
A custom-built, ultra-high vacuum (UHV) chamber used to make both single and multilayer thin films
gear icons for Optomec LENS TM Ohio State
A type of directed laser deposition (DLD) technology producing near-net shape three-dimensional component using additive manufacturing
gear icons for vacuum annealing furnace Ohio State
A custom piece of equipment capable of heating specimens under either high vacuum or inert atmosphere
gear icons for vacuum arc melter Ohio State
Uses an electric arc either to melt a metallic specimen or to TIG weld multiple specimens together