Center for the Accelerated Maturation of Materials (CAMM)

Center for the Accelerated Maturation of Materials


The mission of the Center for Accelerated Maturation of Materials (CAMM) is to develop research tools for the accelerated insertion of new materials and optimization of existing ones. This is done by developing and integrating computational modeling and simulation with advanced materials characterization. An integration of academia and industry, CAMM performs world class R&D and develops technologies, which are captured in products that create wealth and jobs while providing an enhanced educational process. Inputting significant effort in developing and integrating characterization and modeling, CAMM develops new research tools and methodologies to accelerate the insertion of new materials into commercial products.

Points of Pride

Ohio State, Lehigh University awarded $3M to develop superalloys as part of U.S. Army research project
CAMM presents at TMS 2022
CAMM Publishes Research on Development of Titanium Alloys for Additive Manufacturing
CEMAS' Fraser earns 2020 TMS-AIME Champion H. Mathewson Award
Research news
Leonard's NSF award focuses on increasing magnesium alloy applications
Entrepreneurial engineers driving growth in technology commercialization
DOE invests $12M in novel membrane technology that captures carbon emissions
CEMAS celebrates 10 years of seeing more

Contact and Location

CAMM is located in the Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS).

1305 Kinnear Rd, Suite 100
Columbus, OH 43212
(614) 643-3110 (CEMAS' phone)