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Optical CAMM

Clemex Leica

The Clemex Vision™ PE software program was developed by Clemex Technologies, Inc. and is located at The Ohio State University as part of equipment owned and operated by CAMM. The Clemex Vision is a software program designed for image analysis.  The program is used at The Ohio State University to create optical mosaics. The program is used in conjunction with a Leica DM IRM microscope. This is an inverted research microscope specifically designed for materials testing for material control and research created by Leica Microsystems. The Leica DM IRM has a motorized stage that allows for the mosaics to be easily and quickly created using the Clemex software. The largest mosaic images possible with the Clemex software is about 140 Megabytes with around 150 megapixels.  The microscope’s illumination reflected light is 12 V, 100 W Halogen. There is also a 75 W Xenon photo optic lamp added for using the microscopes incident light polarizer.  The objective magnifications are 1.6x –250x and the eyepiece magnification is 10x.


Leica DM IRM
Illuminated reflected light :  12 V, 100W Halogen; 75 W Xenon photo optic lamp
Stage:  3-plate x/y stage 247x230 mm, adjustment range x-y 60x40 mm with coaxial drive
Objective magnifications:  1.6x-250x plus magnification changer
Eyepiece magnifications:  10x
Objective nosepiece:  5x (M32x0.75) with nosepiece focusing
Incident light polarizer slot