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Farson, Dave


Dave Farson, associate professor in the welding engineering program at Ohio State, has extensive background in the welding engineering and laser materials processing practice, research (link opens in a new window) and education. He teaches courses in laser materials processing and ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation.


B.S. Welding Engineering, Ohio State University

M.S. Welding Engineering, Ohio State University

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, concentration on control systems with minors in welding engineering, digital systems and mathematics, Ohio State University


Dave Farson worked at Westinghouse Electric R&D Center and Penn State University’s Applied Research Laboratory, where he was a deputy head of the Laser Processing Department and graduate faculty in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department.

Honors, appointments and memberships

  • AF Davis Silver Medal Award
  • McKay-Helm Award
  • Lumley Research Award (2007)
  • Senior editor of Journal of Laser Applications
  • President and board member of Laser Institute of America
  • Fellow of Laser Institute of America, 1997
  • Fellow of American Welding Society, 2011
  • Service on awards, technical papers, research, and conference committees of the American Welding Society
  • Co-editor of Laser Institute of America's Handbook of Laser Materials Processing, a major work for researchers and commercial users of laser processing
  • Ranked in the top 2% of scientists worldwide by Elsevier (2021)


Dr. Farson is active in laser materials processing and materials joining research that ranges from industrial welding applications development to basic research into the mechanisms of nanoscale surface modification processes