Graduate Applications--EDWARD Database

View application documents in EDWARD

Link to EDWARD database

The OSU Graduate Admissions Office maintains an online "filing cabinet" of graduate school applicants called EDWARD*. It has limited sorting capacity--for example it cannot sort by GPA, citizenship, field of interest, etc.--but it can display, for example, all applicants applying for a given term seeking a PhD in MATSCEN. 

* Electronic Document Website for Admissions-Related Data

Sorting and finding files

To filter, do the following:

  1. Plan--Deselect any checked boxes in which you are not interested
  2. Sub-Plan--select the “All Sub Plans” box (if you don't, only our online applicants display)
  3. Term--Deselect all but the term in which you are interested
  4. Action--Applications may be in various states of completion and decision (default is to leave all selected, but individual actions can be deselected to remove from the sort)
  5. Click “Update
  6. Clicking the column headers will sort by that header (default is to sort by last name)

This will display all of the applications fitting your parameters.

To view files

Clicking an applicant's name will expand the "folder" and display documents received as of midnight last night. GRE and TOEFL scores are not shown. This is a short-coming of the system. Often, though, applicants will self-report scores on the application.

A green checkmark on the right side of an applicant record indicates that the application is complete.

Under the "Document" header within an applicant's expanded folder are links to documents as decribed under the "Details" column.

To search for an individual applicant by name, click the gray “Search” tab along the top of the page. Type in the last name and click the Search button.