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Welding Engineering is more than you think it is.

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Welding Engineering Open House

Welding Engineering Open House Feb 23 2024 Ohio State University

Welding Engineering

Welding Engineering is a complex engineering discipline that involves aspects of materials science, design, inspection, mechanical and electronic systems, lasers, and robots.

Graduates of our program design welds, perform inspections of welds, and understand the properties and processes behind welds that make welded structures safe and useful to society. The unrivaled welding engineering program at The Ohio State University meets the highest standards in the country and is globally renowned for producing highly-sought-after engineers.

The welding engineering program at The Ohio State University was established in 1948 and boasts 2,419 graduates1. Student enrollment is 101 undergraduate students and 86 graduate students2.

Who should attend the Welding Engineering Open House?

  • Current Ohio State engineering students still deciding on a major
  • Current high school seniors and juniors and families curious about welding engineering as a major
  • Current Ohio State welding engineering students and their families
  • Ohio State welding engineering alumni
  • Instructors and administrators at high schools, middle schools, technical and career centers
  • Anyone interested in learning more about the welding engineering program at Ohio State

Included in the interactive event

  • Welding engineering is more than you think it is.
    An overview of welding engineering and career opportunities
  • Engagement with welding engineering faculty and alumni
  • Engagement with current students and summaries of their senior projects and research
  • Tours of the facility and laboratories
  • Observe several welding processes, including robotic, laser, ultrasonic, and resistance welding
  • Learn about scholarships, student activities, industry-sponsored research, employment, and graduate school opportunities


Ohio State is the only academic institutions in the country offering BS, MS, and PhD degrees in welding engineering.

Registration for the open house is not required but appreciated.

1 1948 through spring 2023

2 Autumn 2023 semester

Welding engineering at Ohio State

Multiple job offers before or immediately upon graduation
Salary Welding engineering graduates are among the highest paid engineers entering job market
One and only program offering BS, MS, PhD in the country
6:1 average student to faculty ratio

Professor David Phillips describes what you can do with a welding engineering degree

Types of welding

  • Laser welding
  • Robotic arc welding
  • Resistance welding
  • Robotic welding
  • Plastics welding
  • Friction stir welding
  • Microwelding

Welding engineers know the science behind materials joining without using nuts and bolts.

Welding Engineer versus Welding Technician?

We are engineers

A welding engineer has extensive training in the sciences of physics, chemistry, electricity, and photonics in addition to the design, maintenance and troubleshooting of welding systems and equipment. A welding engineer has a Bachelor of Science degree. Ohio State also offers MS and PhD degrees in welding engineering, including a 100% online graduate welding engineering program

We are not technicians

A welding technician has been trained and tested on specific types of welds, on specific types of materials, with specific welding processes requiring specific qualification test types. 

source: Visionary Welding Blog

A day in the life of a welding engineering student

Cole welding engineering student at Ohio State autumn 2023 semester
Tag along with Cole

Cole's day includes class, paid research in his field of study, and loads of hands-on learning. 

Industries hiring Ohio State WE students

  • Aerospace
  • Oil and gas
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Heavy machinery
  • Shipbuilding
  • National defense

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