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Transfer of graduate programs within Ohio State

The transfer of graduate programs process is available to OSU graduate students seeking to move from one degree program to another within The Ohio State University. Note: This procedure is only available for currently enrolled or formerly enrolled graduate students of The Ohio State University.

International students: often the term "transfer" is used to indicate a student's desire to move from one US university to another. At Ohio State, the term refers to an internal change of graduate programs within Ohio State. International students seeking to come to The Ohio State University from another US college or university should use the graduate program application procedure.

Use of this process

Students who have already been admitted to a graduate program at The Ohio State University and who have paid fees may use the Request for Transfer of Graduate Program process on to
A) to change their graduate program of study or
B) to return to graduate studies in order to complete a graduate degree in another discipline.

An example of the former could be a Mechanical Engineering Master's student who wishes to transfer to MSE or WE to earn a PhD. An example of the latter might be a former MSE or WE graduate student who has been away from OSU for ten years who wishes to earn a Master's in Mechanical Engineering.

See Section 2.9 of the Graduate School Handbook

The Request for Transfer of Graduate Program form serves as the student's "application" to the proposed graduate program. The Graduate Admissions office is not involved in the transfer process.

International students should also contact the OSU Office of International Affairs regarding proposed changes of study.


Students seeking to transfer from a graduate degree-seeking program at OSU into the MSE or WE graduate program should first contact the MSE-WE Graduate Studies Coordinator (see contact info below) to gain a clear understanding of the transfer process and deadlines.

Reactivation: If the student has not enrolled for more than one term, but less than six terms, the student must contact the Graduate School (614-292-6031) to reactivate his/her account. If more than six terms have passed since last enrolled s/he must be reactivated by the original department before a transfer may be processed (contact the MSE-WE Graduate Studies Coordinator for assistance).


  1. After contacting the proposed graduate program, the student completes the Request for Transfer of Graduate Program form (see Section 2.9 of the Graduate School Handbook)
  2. The student is to have a photocopy or scan of his/her application packet sent from the original graduate program to the MSE-WE Grad Coordinator. New materials may be required; the determination will be made by the MSE-WE department on a case by case basis.
  3. The Graduate School reviews the request and forwards the request to the proposed enrollment graduate program.
  4. The Graduate Studies Committee of the proposed graduate program reviews the request and indicates its action. If the transfer is approved, the Graduate Studies Committee determines the appropriate classification, new expected degree information, which courses may count toward its program, and the student's advisor.
  5. If approved, the Graduate School will post the decision to the student's records and inform the student.


Graduate School Fellowships and some Graduate Associate positions do not automatically transfer with students who are approved to transfer to a different graduate program. It is the student's responsibility to understand the ramifications of a transfer upon any financial support.


Please contact Mark Cooper, Graduate Studies Coordinator, should you have questions about the graduate program in MSE or WE. Mark may be reached at: