Textbook orders

MSE and WE instructors should order texts via the Barnes & Noble OSU Bookstore FacultyEnlight ordering process. Orders placed via this process are shared by the OSU Bookstore with other campus bookstores.

After creating an account, instructors should follow the "Adopt" process. The following information will be requested:

  • Confirmation email address
  • Term, Department, and course number
  • Note: for Spring book adoptions, please select the "Winter (Jan, Feb)" option.
    It's a quirk of the FacultyEnlight system (not very enlightened).
  • An estimated enrollment for the course
  • ISBN or Author and title
  • Other required non-text materials for the course
  • Any special instructions for the text ordering staff

In place of ISBN / author info, instructors may review book orders from past terms and select a previously used textbook for use in the coming term.

Instructors will receive a confirmation of order email from Barnes & Noble/OSU Bookstore.

View PDF instructions on the use of FacultyEnlight (page 7+)


The link above provides instructions and a video detailing the textbook ordering process. You may also want to contact the Barnes & Noble OSU Bookstore Textbook Manager, Brad Clucus, at 247-2000 or by e-mail.