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Titan 60-300 TEM, formerly produced by FEI

photo of Titan 60-300 TEM Ohio State CEMAS

The image-corrected Titan3™ G2 60-300 S/TEM provides superior performance, stability, and flexibility when utilizing the Cs image-corrector and electron monochromator technology for atomic resolution imaging and spectroscopy. The system provides flexibility of operating voltages at 60, 160 and 300 kV. Additionally, with the relatively wide pole piece gap of the S-TWIN lens, the Titan3™ G2 60-300 is designed for dynamic experiments, with space around the sample area.  The microscope is optimized for a 130pm probe resolution and 70 pm information limit to facilitate atomic resolution imaging with local spectroscopic and x-ray data collection to complement the capabilities of its sister CEMAS instrument, the probe-corrected Themis-Z™.

The Titan3™ 60-300 is equipped with a high coherence, high brightness, field emission electron gun (X-FEG), a Cs- image corrector and an electron gun monochromator to provide useable probe current with an energy resolution of 0.15 eV.  The Titan3™ G2 60-300 contains a high-speed, high-throughput, quad-silicon drift detector (Super-X/ChemiSTEM) optimized for rapid x-ray collection and when combined with STEM enables EDS spectral mapping down to the atomic scale. This system is also equipped with Gatan Digiscan™ to produce high-speed spectral maps from electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) data. A dual-EELS spectrometer permits the user to collect low-loss and core-loss EELS simultaneously to produce, rapidly and routinely, atomic resolution EELS spectrum images. We have two cameras for spectroscopy collection, the K2 direct electron detector and the gatan imaging filter(GIF).  The combinations of these spectral collection tools, energy resolution and variable voltage make the image corrected Titan3™ G2 60-300 a powerful characterization tool in the modern materials world.

The system is housed in an acoustic, thermal, and electro-magnetically isolated, high-stability support box that reduces negative environmental conditions permitting optimal aberration corrected S/TEM characterization to be realized. The instrument is also available for remote viewing access and remote user control providing benefits and access to users both locally and around the state of Ohio through OARnet. 


Tecnai F20 TEM, formerly produced by FEI

Tecnai F20 TEM Ohio State CEMAS

The Tecnai F20 microscope is a field emission 200kV S/TEM with an X-TWIN objective lens and high brightness field emission electron gun (FEG) optimized for analytical work.  This objective lens allows a 40 degree tilt with a standard low-background double tilt holder and, with the tomography holder, allows +/-70 degrees of tilt.  The objective lens design allows for efficient collection of X-rays for elemental analysis down to the sub-nanometer level.  With a single 30mm2 detector, the EDX acquisition solid angle for collection is ~0.4sr, rivaling more expensive systems.  The system has a Gatan Tridiem imaging filter for both energy-filtered imaging and EELS spectroscopy.  The various techniques are integrated into the instrument software for ease of operation.  The software packages include EDX, EELS, Low-Dose, and Tomography.

The Tecnai is equipped with 3 CCD cameras.  There is an Orius 2k camera in the upper port giving a wide field of view, an UltraScan 2k camera in the lower position for higher magnifications, and an UltraScan 2k camera located after the energy-filter.  TEM resolution is 2.4Å with STEM resolution better than 2Å.  

photo of Tecnai F20 TEM Ohio State CEMAS
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