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MSE-WE syllabus template and policy statements

Syllabus template and upload to Registrar


Basic syllabus template


The template above provides prompts for the basic items that should be covered in a syllabus.

Add to this syllabus the relevant "statements and policies" provided by the Office of Undergrad Education.



The Registrar seeks to make available syllabi for all courses in a coming term "pre-enrollment" for student viewing. In other words, while your syllabus is available through Carmen, a student must be enrolled in the course before s/he can access the Carmen site. This request from the Registrar seeks to make detailed information available to students before enrolling. The following page on the Registrar's site provides the upload link as well as FAQs and other helpful information:

Course Syllabus Requirement

Section (A) of Faculty Rule 3335-8-19 (modified April, 2016) states: Each course as defined in rule 3335-8-01 of the Administrative Code will have a syllabus to be provided to each student explaining how the student's performance will be assessed. University policy further requires that it be made available to students at the beginning of, and throughout the conduct of the course. The syllabus is typically written by the instructor, but often follows guidelines provided by the program, the department, or the college. There is no central requirement for the contents of a course syllabus, but there is a culture that has been established around the expectations associated with this important document.


Academic Integrity Resources

Additional guidance about what represents academic integrity and misconduct, and related university-wide policies and procedures.

Video: OSU Academic Integrity video The university has developed an excellent short video on the seriousness of this subject.

OSU Committee on Academic Misconduct

OSU Code of Student Conduct

OSU Student Advocacy Center

OSU Office of Academic Affairs

Course-specific exceptions or amplifications to the departmental and university statements outlined above will be provided by the faculty instructor in writing, preferably as part of the course syllabus.

Note: Students should not request nor accept guidance on these matters from a teaching assistant, fellow student, or anyone other than the faculty instructor of record for this course.




Please contact Mark Cooper