Mechanical Properties and Responses to Deformation

Extensive facilities for studying the mechanical properties of materials are available on site at Ohio State’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering. This includes the capability to test both existing and theoretical materials for qualities such as strength, plasticity and hardness. Current programs range from simulating and modeling a variety of forming operations for metals to studying the wear behavior of composites. These investigations employ experimental techniques ranging from the atomic to industrial forming processes and their use in manufacturing operations. Current research includes:

  • Ultra high rate forming
  • Toughening of ceramics and intermetallics
  • Hardness of multi-layered metallic composites
  • Creep and damage of stainless steels
  • Plasticity theory, simulation and application
  • Sheet metal forming
  • Flow of porous ductile materials
  • Micromechanisms of polycrystalline deformation
  • Dislocationmotion
  • Formation of nanocrystals by mechanical means
  • Brittle failure in layered systems