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Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials

There is much interest in the synthesis, processing and characterization of new magnetic, optical and electronic materials. In cooperation with other departments at Ohio State, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering is taking the lead in developing a variety of these materials. Examples of our programs in this area include:

  • Battery development and energy storage
  • Semiconductor development and integration for high-performance photovoltaics and other energy applications
  • Semiconductor process modeling
  • Development of solid-state gas sensors
  • Superconducting oxide/metal laminates for energy storage and transmission
  • Nano-structured ceramics for applications in electrochemical devices such as sensors and fuel cells
  • Near-net-shape magnetic and dielectric ceramic components for telecommunications
  • Phase stability and interfacial phenomena in thin films
  • Semiconductor quantum structure growth for high-performance photonics
  • Magnetic semiconductors for spin-based electronics
  • Oxide film growth for magnetic applications
  • Chemical vapor deposition of graphene for spintronics and FET applications