Professor Steven Niezgoda


photo of Steven Niezgoda OSU faculty

Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Smith Laboratory, Room 5058



Professor Niezgoda was a machinist who went to night school to be an aircraft mechanic. He did not begin his undergraduate studies until he was 28 years old and earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel University. Professor Niezgoda conducted his post doctoral research at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the Materials Science in Radiation and Dynamics Extreme group.

Areas of interest

  • Metallurgy
  • Computational modeling of materials

Professor Niezgoda's research and areas of expertise

Most of Professor Niezgoda's research focuses on data sciences and is split among:

  1. "Traditional" Materials Modeling mostly mesoscale deformation simulation
  2. Novel approaches for analyzing microscopy, experimental, and simulation data
  3. Machine learning approaches for materials science

Professor Niezgoda's apprach to diversity and inclusion

I think the best way to support diversity and inclusivity is to interact on a daily basis with a diverse group of people. I also think diversity is a much bigger concept than the Human Resources definition or "Women and Underrepresented Minorities". To me, it is also very important to think about economic, educational, religious, philosophical, etc differences. 

What you might not know about Professor Niezgoda

I was diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum when I was 42 years old. Years ago I would have been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. It came as quite a shock, but a lot of things in my life and personal relationships suddenly began to make a lot more sense. In many ways, life has been easier since I now have an answer, at least some of my quirks make sense. However it has also made some aspects of life more challenging, particularly with family relationships.