Polymers research at The Ohio State University spans multiple departments. In the Materials Science and Engineering and Welding Engineering programs the study of polymers involves two broad areas, biomaterials and polymers joining.

Our biomaterials faculty research the use of polymers as they interact with living systems. This can involve such applications as polymer mesh as scaffolds for living cells, flexible electronics, drug delivery systems, and more.

Polymers joining is part of our Welding Engineering program and explores new and efficient means of bonding different polymers, as well as, how to join to non-polymers.

Dr. David Dean Osteo Engineering Lab Ohio State
David Dean
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Jinghua Li, Materials Science and Engineering, Ohio State University
Jinghua Li
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Heather Powell, Materials Science and Engineering, Ohio State University
Heather Powell
Polymers Joining    
Avraham Benatar, Ohio State Welding Engineer Professor
Avraham Benatar