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Sumption, Michael


Mike Sumption is a professor within the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and serves as the undergraduate studies chair of the materials science and engineering program. He is the associate director of the Center for Superconducting and Magnetic Materials, as well as the Superconducting Technology Center. Dr. Sumption’s background is in materials science and solid state physics.

Honors and Awards

2007 - Lumley Research Award

1993 - Award for best student paper


B.S. Physics, The Ohio State University, 1986

M.S., PhD Condensed Matter Physics, Ohio University, 1986-1992


Dr. Sumptions area of research is materials science with a concentration in superconductive, electronic, and magnetic materials, which includes the following:
  • superconducting materials (MgB2, Nb3Sn, YBCO, Fe-based)
  • superconducting applications (Particle accelerators, MRI, Motors/generators, Fault Current limiters, Power Transmission)
  • magnetic Materials
  • magnetic Properties
  • thin films
  • carbon Nanotubes and Graphene


Efforts in modelling have included:

  • stability in Nb3Sn conductors and magnets
  • anisotropic continuum modeling of bridging and connectivity in superconducting composite structures
  • field modelling in coils
  • synergistic pinning in composites
  • AC loss in various conductors
  • fault current limiter design.


Materials studies have included:

  • rapid quenching and mechanical alloying in Nb3Al
  • proximity effects in NbTi
  • the development of a new class of Nb3Sn strands.

Dr. Sumption’s research has been funded by various organizations, including the US Department of Energy, Division of High Energy Physics, NASA, the Navy, AFOSR, NIH, NRC, the Ohio Department of Development, and private industry. A number of national and international collaborations are ongoing, with universities, national labs, and industry.

Dr. Sumption has more than 225 publications, and serves on the editorial board of Superconducting Science and Technology and Cryogenics.