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Justin Diles

  • Assistant Professor, Materials Science Engineering
  • Assistant Professor, Knowlton Schl of Architecture
  • Knowlton Hall
    Room 277
    Columbus, OH 43210
  • 614-292-8461


  • March, 2016

    Finalist, "Freeform House" International Design Competition.

  • October, 2014

    Winner, Stage-Two, "Plasticity" International Design Competition.

  • July, 2014

    Finalist, Stage-One, "Plasticity" International Design Competition.



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  • 2018. "Going Deeper into Surface." In Possible Mediums, edited by Balliet, K.; Bair, K.; Fure, A.; Miller, K.,

Journal Articles


  • Diles, J., 2018, "Lightweight Stereotomy with Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic." Nexus Network Journal 20, no. 2,


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  • "Intricate Stereotomic Assemblies: Hollow Masonry from Buckled Surfaces." Presented at ACADIA 2014 Design Agency: 34th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture.,

Papers in Proceedings


  • Justin Diles "EIGENFORMS: Buckled Stereotomic Assemblies." in ACADIA 2014: Design Agency. (10 2014).
  • Diles,Justin "INTRICATE STEREOTOMIC ASSEMBLIES HOLLOW MASONRY FROM BUCKLED SURFACES." in 34th Annual Conference of the Association-for-Computer-Aided-Design-in-Architecture (ACADIA). (10 2014).