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Glenn Daehn

  • Fontana Professor, Materials Science Engineering
  • Watts Hall
    Room 295
    Columbus, OH 43210
  • 614-292-6779


Google Scholar iconGlenn Daehn’s research, education and service efforts are all broadly related to the interwoven themes of Midwestern manufacturing revival, which in turn depends on technology development, integration of the University mission with regional industry and the development of a world-class workforce that is both smart and creative as well as able to make things.  Prof. Daehn’s specific projects, related to this broad agenda, are represented below:



Recently, most of Glenn’s research is focused on impulse-based manufacturing.  This technology allows new ways of shaping, cutting, joining and processing materials.  A detailed account, including movies and publications placed in context can be found at the Impulse Manufacturing Lab Website.  Probably the most up to date publication list can be found on Google Scholar, and for more than you want to know, Glenn’s resume is here.  


Teaching and Professional Development

Glenn is passionate about connecting kids in the K-12 pipeline to careers in the STEM fields (at all levels, not just professional engineers).  Since 2007 he has been very involved in the ASM Materials Camp for Teachers program and since 2010 has been a trustee on the ASM Education Foundation Board.  Since 2012 he has been involved in the professional development of practicing high school science teachers through the Math Science Partnership Program.  Some of the concepts that are being delivered to teachers can be found at this teacher’s professional development site



Glenn has been involved in a range of activities that encourage deep interaction between academia and industry.  He was the founder and is the current Director of the Ohio Manufacturing Institute.  He is part of OSU’s leadership team for the Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow Institute, founded by EWI, University of Michigan and Ohio State. He leads the Agile Manufacturing and Low Cost Tooling pillar.   He also plays central roles in Ohio State’s manufacturing initiatives including the Center for Design for Manufacturing Excellence and the Materials and Manufacturing for Sustainability Discovery Theme Initiative


  • January, 2019

    Charles S. Barrett Silver Medal. .

  • January, 2018

    Engineering Dean's award for Distinguished Outreach Achievements.

  • January, 2017

    Honda-Ohio State Partnership Award. .

  • January, 2010

    Fellow ASM International.

  • January, 2009

    Innovators Award of Ohio State College of Engineering.

  • January, 2007

    ASM Jacquet-Lucas Award for Excellence in Metallography.

  • January, 2004

    Lumley Research Award of Ohio State University College of Engineering.

  • January, 2000

    Lumley Research Award of Ohio State University College of Engineering.

  • January, 1994

    Winner of conference best paper award, Ceramic Entineering and Science.

  • January, 1992

    National Young Investigator.

  • January, 1992

    Lumley Research Award of Ohio State University College of Engineering.

  • January, 1992

    Robert Lansing Hardy Gold Medal of TMS.

  • January, 1992

    Army Research Office Young Investigator Award.

  • January, 1990

    ASM Marcus A. Grossmann Young Author Award.


  • Chapters


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    Journal Articles


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