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Rudolph Buchheit

  • Professor, Materials Science Engineering
  • Assoc Dean, Acad Aff and Admin, COE Administration & Planning
  • 2070 Neil Ave
    169 Hitchcock
    Columbus, OH 43210
  • 614-292-0479


Co-Director, Fontana Corrosion Center

Rudolph G. Buchheit is Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Administration in the College of Engineering. He earned a BS in Engineering Science at Loyola University Maryland, and MS and PhD in Materials Science from the University of Virginia. He was a Senior Member of the Technical Staff in the Materials and Process Sciences Directorate at Sandia National Laboratories New Mexico until joining the faculty in the Fontana Corrosion Center in Materials Science and Engineering at Ohio State. He has served as Department Chair of Materials Science and Engineering at Ohio State.
His research is in the area of corrosion science and engineering with emphasis on the chemistry and electrochemistry of corrosion, localized corrosion, corrosion protection, corrosion modeling and corrosion prediction. He has also worked in the area of corrosion inhibition, surface modification and corrosion resistant coatings.
He is a Fellow of NACE International, and past Chair of the Research Committee. He is also a Fellow of the Electrochemical Society, and serves on the Executive Committee for the Corrosion Division. He has serves on the Editorial Board for Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology and is a former Editorial Board Member for Corrosion and for the Journal of Materials Research. He is an ABET Program Evaluator for materials-oriented programs, and is a member of the executive committee of the University Materials Council. He is the recipient of the H.H. Uhlig Educator’s Award from NACE, and the Morris Cohen Award from the Corrosion Division of the Electrochemical Society. He is also the recipient of the Stanley E. Harrison Faculty Award from the College of Engineering at Ohio State, and is a two-time recipient the Charles Ellison MacQuigg Award for outstanding teaching.



  • 2006

    Charles E. MacQuigg Award for Outstanding Teaching. .

  • 2006

    Fellow. .

  • 2004

    Stanley E. Harrison Faculty Award. .

  • 2002

    H.H. Uhlig Educator Award. .

  • 1993

    Morris Cohen Award. .

Journal Articles


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Papers in Proceedings


  • Buchheit,R,G; Guan,H; Mahajanam,S; Wong,F "Active corrosion protection and corrosion sensing in chromate-free organic coatings." JOURNAL: "PROGRESS IN ORGANIC COATINGS." in 2nd Workshop on Nanoscale Approaches to Multifunctional Coatings. (9 2003). 174 - 182.