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Jean-Philippe Couzinié awarded 2024 Acta Materialia Silver Medal

Jean-Philippe Couzinie
Jean-Philippe Couzinié

Jean-Philippe Couzinié could be considered a pioneer to some scientists based on his contributions to the field of high-entropy alloys. 

In an announcement by Acta Materialia, Couzinié is the 2024 recipient of the Acta Materialia Silver Medal. The article describes him as "one of the internationally recognized experts in the field", a statement supported by a career packed with firsts in the field and in France. 

Much of what we know about the nature of mechanisms and mechanical behavior of high-entropy alloys (HEAs) can be credited to Couzinié.

His thesis work helped define interface engineering's role of plastic behavior in copper.

Early career accomplishments include identifying how oxygen affects shear stresses for pyramidal systems and using in-situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) straining tests to study plastic micro-mechanisms.

We know that the interaction of screw dislocation glide with specific alloys control deformation processes because of Couzinié's research on high-entropy alloys (HEAs).

HEAs' role in aerospace applications became Couzinié's focus when he was awarded the first HEA-specific grant by Agence Nationale de la Recherche in France.

Dr. Couzinié spent his sabbatical with Professor Michael Mills' research group at The Ohio State University in 2020-2021 and continues to collaborate with members of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He is also an adjunct faculty member at Ohio State teaching materials science and engineering.

He is currently a professor at the University Paris Est-Créteil and at the Institute of Chemistry and Materials Science Paris-Est, CNRS.

The 2024 Acta Materialia Silver Medal will be awarded to Jean-Philippe Couzinié at the TMS 2024 Annual Meeting in March 2024.