Gerald Frankel honored with symposium at the 242nd Electrochemical Society meeting

Posted: November 15, 2022
Gerald Frankel is honored at 242nd Electrochemical Society meeting
Gerald Frankel, back center, is surrounded and congratulated by colleagues Jen Locke (front, center), Eric Schindelholz (back right) and former students and postdocs at a reception in his honor at the 242nd ECS meeting. Joining them are Rudy Buchheit (bottom right), former professor and department chair with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Ohio State, and Ron Latanision (PhD 1969), Frankel’s PhD advisor.

Distinguished Professor of Engineering Gerald Frankel has been a member of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering’s faculty since 1995 and is a world-renowned expert in corrosion. He is the director of the Fontana Corrosion Center at Ohio State.

Dr. Frankel’s lectures and labs have shaped countless materials science and engineering students who began their careers with an understanding of corrosion fundamentals, electrochemical techniques, modeling, and materials degradation. His robust educational mission is matched by a commitment to studying the mechanisms of corrosion phenomena including new materials for long-term storage of nuclear waste. Jerry is a beacon from which a generation of corrosion students and colleagues have greatly benefitted. The impact he has had on others and on the world of materials science was highlighted during the 242nd ECS Meeting, which included a symposium in his honor.  

Jenifer Locke honors Gerald Frankel at the ECS meeting Oct 2022 Ohio State Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Professor Jenifer Locke

The symposium was attended by many colleagues and former students from around the world. Many shared stories about Jerry ranging from the humorous to profound. Ohio State MSE professor Jenifer Locke has had the privilege of working alongside Jerry since 2015 and shared anecdotes derived from personal experience and former students. Locke’s heartfelt message referenced qualities of a person who cares about people through motivation and kindness.

Jerry, you make your work people part of your family. You invite international students over for the holidays so they are not alone. You encourage people to get degrees…Jerry is not only a phenomenal scientist who has pushed our field forward with scientific and technical advances and by mentoring students who are making contributions all over the world…Jerry is a phenomenal person. - Jenifer Locke

Ramgopal Thodla (PhD 2001) described Professor Frankel as “a kind leader who gave students space to learn and grow.” While another said, “He was the best educator with the greatest mind and the kindest heart I ever met.”

The symposium in his honor at ECS’s most recent meeting is one of many milestones along Professor Frankel’s prolific career. He has been the recipient of numerous awards for his research and engineering education excellence. He is a fellow with NACE, the Electrochemical Society and ASM International. He recently received the Olin Palladium Award from the Electrochemical Society, their highest scientific honor. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering congratulates Professor Frankel for the recent recognition by the Electrochemical Society.