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Faculty, students of Department of Materials Science and Engineering awarded at ASM International's IMAT 2022


The Ohio State University was well represented among those who were honored, elected and awarded at the International Materials, Applications & Technologies (IMAT) 2022 event. As one of the world's most well-attended and renowned materials-focused events, it coincides with the ASM International annual meeting and awards ceremony. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering congratulates members of leadership, faculty and the student body who were recognized at the event, which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana in September. 

2022 ASM Award Program Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement


Dr. Glenn Deahn

Dr. Glenn Daehn, FASM and Mars G. Fontana Endowed Professor received the prestigious Gold Medal by the ASM International Board of Trustees "for creative and impactful development and dissemination of materials science and technology, including impulse welding, joining and forming, and deployment of materials science in numerous K-12 classrooms.”

Gold Medal recipients represent "knowledge and great versatility in the application of science to the field of materials science and engineering, as well as exceptional ability in the diagnosis and solution of diversified materials problems."1

2022 Edward DeMille Memorial Lecture

Hamish Fraser, CEMAS Department of Materials Science and Engineering Ohio State University

Dr. Hamish L. Fraser, FASM

Dr. Hamish Fraser was recognized for his lifetime work by presenting the 98th Edward DeMille Campbell memorial lecture, "Modern Physical Metallurgy: Important, Use of New Tools, and How to Finance the Metallic Materials Enterprise". Professor Fraser is the Ohio Regents Eminent Scholar and director of the Center for the Accelerated Maturation of Materials at Ohio State.

ASM International Board of Trustees

Dean David Williams, Materials Science and Engineering, Ohio state University

Dr. David B. Williams, FASM

Dr. David B. Williams, FASM has been elected the president of the ASM International Board of Trustees for the 2022-2023 term. Dr. Williams is Emeritus Dean and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering. Williams was the vice president of the ASM Board of Trustees in 2021.

ASM Fellow Award (2021, awarded in 2022)

Peter Anderson ASM International Fellow 2021 2022
Peter Anderson receives his award at the 2022 IMAT meeting

Professor Peter Anderson was elected to the 2021 Class of Fellows for outstanding contributions in the development of dislocation theory in engineered shape memory alloys, multilayers, and nano crystalline metals and as an educator and mentor, who promotes diversity within the University engineering undergraduate and graduate programs and department.

Nicole Hudak ASM Int'l student board of trustee 2022 Ohio State

Nicole Hudak

Nicole Hudak is one of three students elected to the ASM International Board of Trustees. She is currently a junior in the materials science and engineering program.

International Metallographic Contest

Wayne Papageorge ASM Int'l Metallographic Contest 2022 poster winner
Wayne Papageorge

MSE Laboratory Supervisor

Wayne took second place in the Light Microscopy Division and the Dubose-Crouse Award with his poster "Development of a Versatile Etchant to Reveal Grain Boundaries in Aluminum Alloys".


Andy Planitz ASM International Metallographic Contest 2022 poster winner
Andy Planitz

B.S. MSE (spring '22)

Andy took third place in the IMC Student Division. His poster, "An investigation of Acoustic Guitar String Processing", was created for the MATSCEN 5431 Advanced Metals Laboratory class in the fall of 2021. Andy currently works at GE Aviation in the engine division.

Fontana's Finest wins Heat Treating Society Strong Bar Contest

ASM IMAT 2022 strong bar competition winners Ohio State University
(from left) Professor Elvin Beach, Nathan Heniken, Greg Janas, Dr. Robert Cryderman (competition organizer), Graham Clark
ASM IMAT 2022 strong bar poster competition winners Ohio State University
First place: poster presentation

The four-person undergraduate team from Ohio State entered the 2022 Heat Treating Society (HTS) Strong Bar Competition. Team advisor, Dr. Elvin Beach, shared that each member of Fontana's Finest worked in or around the Columbus campus this summer so they could continue collaborating on their award-winning entry. 

Fontana's Finest members Greg Janas (team captain), Graham Clark, Nathan Heniken and David Wynn are all seniors majoring in materials science and engineering. Participating teams were charged with heat treating a steel bar to achieve the highest combination of bending strength and bend deflection. The team's poster presentation described their heat treatment method, hardness profile and microstructure while the bars' was tested for strength by bending using MTS on the exhibit floor. Fontana's Finest captured first place in the poster presentation of the HTS strong bar contest. They had the second strongest bar and achieved 8mm of deflection, which was the limit of the test. Fontana's Finest beat the competition with the highest combined score. 

The Ohio State team had a solid understanding of the metallurgy and the process they used to achieve the properties of their steel. - Lead judge from Cummins R&D


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