Department of Materials Science and Engineering modifies operations

Posted: March 17, 2020

Ohio State University has issued a state of emergency on 3/22/20 (Policy 6.17)

Department of Materials Science and Engineering Continuity information


Photo of Michael Mills, Chair of DMSE Ohio State
Dr. Michael Mills, Chair of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering

The Materials Science and Engineering and Welding Engineering faculty want to employ all necessary precautions during this coronavirus pandemic to ensure the safety of everyone within and associated with the department. It is for this reason, and after much discussion, that we have transitioned our administrative, technical, and research teams to remote working environments. As a result, we are rapidly winding-down research personnel in our MacQuigg, Smith, EJTC, and CEMAS labs, effective March 16, 2020. Supervisors have advised students and researchers on how to proceed with research during this remote working period (e.g. writing, lit review, modeling, designing, planning, etc.). We are currently enacting plans to ensure that we can restart in a safe and efficient manner once the pandemic is under control. We will keep all lines of communication open and will update you as we get new information. Please see the sections below for details.

Local closures and modifications

We did not come by this decision lightly. We did so as a result of the actions currently being taken by our university, the State of Ohio, neighboring states, and neighboring countries. Ohio State has mandated that students move off campus, face-to-face classes cease, all non-essential events be canceled, people meet by teleconference instead of in-person, and work be performed remotely. Collectively, the faculty of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering has agreed that all non-essential activities in our research spaces be paused by March 20, 2020.  

Our decision to suspend lab access and temporarily close buildings was done in line with the requests of the university and government to minimize your risk of contracting the virus. Cleaning supplies are being purchased, and enhanced cleaning protocols are being developed in preparation for the re-opening of the labs. Google calendars of all major equipment/labs are being developed to ensure social distancing in the lab upon re-opening. Upcoming graduate exams, dissertation overviews, and defenses are being accommodated and will be communicated to appropriate individuals when available.

In addition, the faculty will be severely limiting their mobility and intend to self-quarantine except for grocery/food/essentials pick-up/delivery services. We suggest that all members of the department, including our students, follow the health officials' recommendations on how to take care of yourself and your loved ones during this pandemic.

These department facilities are closed until further notice
EJTC (west campus)
CEMAS (west campus)
Watts Hall
MacQuigg Lab
Smith Lab

These closures are temporary, but our materials science and welding engineering community is permanent. Please be assured that we are doing this out of an abundance of caution, and we will reopen the labs when it is safe. Times are uncertain, and this is an adjustment for faculty, staff, and students alike.


All libraries on campus, including the 18th Street Library, are closed. No employees will be working in libraries and all services are extended virtually. All supervisors have been asked to assign work for their employees (including students) to do from home (if work is available). Do not come to campus! If anyone is asking you to report to campus to work on non-essential tasks, you will need to let HR know as soon as possible.

President Michael Drake announced that facilities previously closed will continue to be closed until further notice. 

The following are links to electronic books provided by OSU libraries.


The following information are ways that the CoE, Knowlton, and broader Ohio State University community are responding to the COVID-19 situation in positive, constructive, and value-added ways. This information is not only comparative good news, but is also a window into how each of us can perhaps contribute positively - by playing some offense and leveraging our very real individual empowerment to build positive change - in addition to the many defensive measures we’ve taken to combat this situation. An early window into some of these include:

  • Can’t Stop Columbus, a grassroots and local movement that began approximately a week ago, with the idea to organize a virtual hack-a-thon to solve immediate and local challenges in our community. Today, approximately 200 Ohio State students, faculty, and staff are engaged, on projects that range from design and fabrication of protective face-masks, building a local employment web-site to help advertise jobs from organizations that are hiring amidst the pandemic to help people find viable work more quickly, and helping solve food distribution challenges with the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.
  • The Ohio State Wexner medical supply drop-off center, where you can donate certain unopened (sealed) medical supplies.
  • Specific research activities, and world-class Ohio State expertise, tied directly to understanding and inhibiting the spread of COVID-19, being performed across our Ohio State community.


Marie Mead is the designated point of approval for purchases within the College. If you can delay purchases, please do. Purchases that are approved are prioritized.

It is very important that you work to maintain your physical, emotional, and mental health during these times. Please let us know if you need any support.

On behalf of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, stay safe and use all virtual resources to remain in contact and productive.


Michael Mills



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