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Ohio State's Moodispaw Takes First Place at 5th World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering

photo of Michael Moodispaw TMS poster winner 2019 Ohio StateMichael Moodispaw | ICME 2019 1st Place Student Poster WinnerMichael Moodispaw is starting his fourth year at Ohio State and entering into a dual Materials Science and Engineering undergrad and graduate program this semester. He recently returned from his first trip to the World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) and brought home first-place hardware for his poster entitled, "Cellullar Automaton Simulation of Hydrogen Porosity and Dendrite Growth During Solidification of a Ternary Al Alloy”. He swept the pool of 50 competitors and was followed up by Juhi Srivastava of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and Yunhao Zhao of the University of Pittsburgh, who took second and third place respectively. 

The research topic Mr. Moodispaw presented was a simulation model for the solidification of aluminum alloys on the micro scale. During solidification of liquid metals, the distribution of elements (alloying elements) changes according to their solubility in growing solid structures (phases) such as the primary aluminum phase of an aluminum alloy. Hydrogen trapped inside liquid aluminum forms gaseous pores between the growing solid phases creating final products with voids inside the material or part. Being able to predict the distribution of elements and the formation of porosity for aluminum alloys would allow for improvement of current manufacturing techniques that would result in more reliable aluminum cast alloys.

His inaugural experience at ICME was educational and allowed him to hear about the advances in materials engineering research. Michael attended presentations on areas of research that align with his own research, as well as attend sessions in areas of interest but unrelated to his research at Ohio State.

"Winning first place meant the research that I presented was both interesting and had an impact at a large conference."

- Michael Moodispaw, First Place Winner, ICME Student Poster Competition

This bright young man credits the education and research opportunities at Ohio State for giving him the tools to learn about new areas of research, understand the foundations upon which research is built, and its future impact; "My educational career also provided me with the chance to improve my technical communication skills which allowed me to give a comprehensive presentation on a complex research project".

Michael Moodispaw collaborated with Cheng Gu, Colin Ridgeway, Yan Lu, and Alan Luo (his advisor) on the award-winning poster and presentation.