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2019 ENGIE-Axium Scholarship Awarded to Materials Science and Engineering PhD Candidate

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering congratulates PhD candidate, John Jamison, for being named the 2019 ENGIE-Axium Scholarship Award recipient. This award recognizes an engineering student's commitment to working or studying in areas of energy or sustainability. Mr. Jamison was nominated and awarded for his work on spin-thermal transport, which focuses on the harvesting of waste heat using magnetic materials. 

John was nominated for the scholarship by his advisior, Professor Roberto Myers. Alicia L. Bertone; ENGIE-Axium Endowed Dean's Chair, Vice Provost of Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate School; notified Mr. Jamison about his award status, which comes in the form of a financial scholarship in time for the Autumn 2019 semester. John will be using the scholarship to cover his tuition expenses this fall. 

I am honored to be awarded this scholarship. Spin-thermal transport is an esoteric discipline, even among other scientists, it is validating to be recognized for my hard work.

- John Jamison, 2019 ENGIE-Axium Scholarship Recipient

John Jamison graduated from the University of Florida in May 2013 with a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering. He joined Professor Myers' group in August of 2013. His research interests include the Spin Seebeck Effect and the growth of thin films for spintronics devices.

Papers co-authored by Jamison

"Ferromagnetic Epitaxial m-Fe2O3 on β-Ga2O3: A New Monoclinic form of Fe2O3", John S. Jamison, Brelon J. May, Julia I. Deitz, Szu-Chia Chien, David W. McComb, Tyler J. Grassman, Wolfgang Windl, and Roberto C. Myers, Crystal Growth and Design (Just-Accepted, 2019)

"Long lifetime of thermally-excited magnons in bulk yttrium iron garnet", John S. Jamison, Zihao Yang, Brandon L. Giles, Jack T. Brangham, Fengyuan Yang, and Roberto C. Myers, arXiv:1803.01054