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A new standard of excellence

Since The Ohio State University opened its doors in 1873, the University has embraced its land-grant mandate to bring the practical results of its teaching and research prowess to the community. To make the next bold leap in Ohio State’s land-grant history of excellence and impact, we aspire to be a leading national flagship public research university. The Biomedical and Materials Engineering Complex (BMEC) investment initiative represents the College of Engineering’s next step in meeting this mandate and directly supports Ohio State President Michael Drake’s 2020 Vision for the University and the University’s recently announced Strategic Plan: Time and Change. Translating this bold strategy into action will be the work of all Buckeyes, requiring strong leadership, an unwavering commitment to our aspirations, a collaborative culture and continued engagement across the University community and with our many stakeholders.  

The College of Engineering’s strategic focus on the four M’s: Materials, Manufacturing, Medicine, and Mobility, has enabled the College of Engineering to lead the way in discovery, innovation and commercialization of advances in nanotechnology, materials science, biomedicine, and biomaterials that change—and save—lives. The Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering will be housed in the new BMEC and have especially relevant teaching and research capabilities to support these strategies across a broad range of applications and scientific disciplines.  Combining engineering principles and methodology with innovative teaching and research approaches, the faculty and students of the materials science and biomedical engineering will transform how materials are synthesized, developed, processed, and characterized to solve problems and create world-class opportunities.

The BMEC is the University’s and the College’s investment in globally leading and commercially productive next-generation materials discovery, innovation, and commercialization. The first phase, a $59.1 million investment, funded by a combination of State and University funds along with $10 million to come from philanthropic sources, will transform the lab buildings at 140 West 19th Avenue into modern, efficient spaces for 21st century teaching, learning and research.  The second phase investment will complete the full BMEC providing a comprehensive and dynamic complex in the heart of Ohio State campus.  Designed as a “Green Building” to maximize efficiency, future use, and flexibility, the BMEC focuses on collaboration between undergraduate & graduate students, faculty, principle investigators, and industry partners, allowing us to put “Research and Education on Display.”  

The design and technology employed in the new BMEC will support and enhance our ability to attract and educate the brightest and most gifted undergraduate and graduate students from around the globe, and foster inter-disciplinary research between the biomedical, chemical and biomolecular, and material science and engineering departments. These students and faculty members will work collaboratively with industry partners in the discovery and innovation of new materials and process innovations that enable breakthroughs in the design and commercialization of materials and biomaterials.  The design of the BMEC will critically and seriously boost the College objective of providing significant opportunities for students to expand their education beyond the classroom by participating in experiential learning in a leading-edge facility and gain in practical experience in a professional environment that will equip them to become tomorrow's technology and business leaders. Buckeye engineers will be prepared to think creatively, problem-solve, and identify opportunities in ways that increase productivity, tackle global challenges, and revolutionize products, services, and systems.

The philanthropic investment opportunity in this stunning new facility directly addresses the rapidly increasing global demand for biomaterials innovation and enhanced natural and engineered cells, tissues, and organs with applications in cancer treatment, as well as cardiac, pulmonary, ophthalmic, neuro, and musculoskeletal systems that advance human health.  The facility will allow our students and faculty to more productively meet this demand, as their research continues to evolve. Discoveries from lighter, stronger, and more efficient vehicles to engineered tissue and other biomaterials to save and extend lives will serve to strengthen the University’s role as a leader in materials, manufacturing, medicine, and mobility.

Scheduled to open in 2020, Phase One of the Biomedical and Material Science Complex provides a globally leading learning and research facility, promising to set new standards of excellence and raising the profile of the College of Engineering at a national and global level.