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MSE Strategic Plan, 2012-2016

Strategic Objectives for 2012 - 2016

View MSE 2012-2016 Strategic Plan, revised March 2013 (PDF, 1M)

  • Launch CEMAS as a vibrant College-level research center.
  • Concentrate faculty and research investments in the areas of characterization, computation and advanced materials and processes.
  • Develop and promote signature research themes based on integration of materials characterization and computation, and processing and performance of advanced structural materials to align with college and university initiatives in advanced materials and manufacturing.
  • Develop research and clinical track faculty and research staff to increase access and effectiveness of departmental facilities to increase experiential learning opportunities, revenue-generating industry-based service work and long-term industrial research engagements.
  • Develop asynchronous, web-based teaching and programming to support a distance MS program in Materials Science and Engineering aimed at practicing engineering professionals.

MSE Vision

We seek to create and sustain an environment that brings together a diversity of people and ideas through the process of discovery and learning for the advancement of science, engineering and technology in the areas of materials and joining. We seek to create impact that is tangible and significant with excellence that is obvious.

MSE Mission

Our mission is to create, transfer, and preserve knowledge through impactful research, dynamic teaching, and the effective training of our future colleagues in materials science and welding engineering. We believe that learning, discovery, and innovation are fostered through the interaction of persons from a diverse background and are dedicated to creating an environment that welcomes and values all.


The 2012 - 2016 MSE Strategic Plan is the product of a process first initiated in 2004. The antecedents of the current plan are:

  • 2004 Portfolio Assessment
  • 2005 SWOT Analysis of the MSE Long Range Planning Group
  • 2006 MSE Plan Assessment
  • 2008 Academic Program Review
  • 2007 - 2011 Performance Plan (with annual revisions)