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MSE Seminar archive

To view abstracts of these talks, please contact Mark Cooper, MSE-WE Graduate Studies Coordinator (email Mark Cooper, phone: 614-292-7280).

Spring 2011

Friday, April 15: Michael Sumption, The Ohio State University, "Influence of Doping, Phase Formation, and Microstructure on the Magnetic and Transport Properties of Superconducting MgB2"

Wednesday, April 20: Andrew Bonifas, PhD Candidate advised by Gerald Frankel, "Contacting Single and Many Molecules through Surface Diffusion Mediated Deposition"

Friday, April 29: Dale Tupa, Los Alamos National Lab, "Proton Radiography Capabilities at Los Alamos National Lab"

Wednesday, May 4: Ryan Paul, PhD Candidate advised by John Morral, "Modeling the Effect of Oxidation on Artificial Graphite"

Friday, May 6: Marc De Graef, Carnegie Mellon, "Lorentz Microscopy of Multiferroic Materials"

Friday, May 13: Ryan Zinn, OSU Technology Licensing & Commercialization, "Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology Licensing & Commercialization (TLC) at Ohio State"

Monday, May 16: Benjamin Morrow, PhD Candidate advised by Michael Mills, "Thermal Creep Testing, Dislocation Characterization, and Modeling of Zircaloy-4"

Wednesday, May 18: Samantha Daly, University of Michigan, "Multi-Scale Experimental Studies of Phase Transformation in Shape Memory Alloys"

Wednesday, June 8: Yang Guo, PhD Candidate advised by Gerald Frankel, "Trivalent Chrome Process Coatings on Aluminum Alloy 2024-T3 for Corrosion Protection"

Winter 2011

Friday, Jan. 14: Nitin Padture, The Ohio State University, "Advanced Ceramic Coatings for Future Gas-Turbine Engines: Impacting Transportation and Energy Sectors"

Friday, Jan. 21: Matthew Becker, University of Akron, "Accelerating the Clinical Translation of Polymeric Biomaterials using Gradient Technologies"

Wednesday, Jan. 26: Daniel Miracle, Air Force Research Laboratory, "Partial coordination numbers in metallic glasses and insights into atomic bonding and packing efficiency"

Wednesday, Feb. 9: Stefan Zollner, New Mexico State University, "Nanoscale Materials and Structures for CMOS devices"
Dr. Zollner's talk is co-sponsored by the Center for Emergent Materials

Friday, Feb. 18: Christopher Schuh, MIT, "Harder, Cheaper, Greener: Design of Stable Nanocrystalline Alloys for Coating Applications"

Wednesday, Feb. 23: Emmanuelle Marquis, University of Michigan, "Nuclear Reactor Materials at the Atomic Scale"

Friday, Mar. 4: Lin Li, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Peter Anderson, "Connecting Atomistic Simulations and Physical Experiments in Nanocrystalline Metals: Quantized Crystal Plasticity Simulations"

Autumn 2010

Monday, Sept. 27: Hongqing Sun, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Kathy Flores, "Microstructure Evolution of Bulk Metallic Glasses via Laser Processing"

Monday, Oct. 4: John Carpenter, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Peter Anderson, "Estimates of Interfacial Properties in Cu/Ni Multilayer Thin Films using Hardness and Internal Stress Data"

Friday, Oct. 15: Steven Zinkle, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "Expedient Development of High-Performance Steels for High-Temperature Energy Systems"

Friday, Oct. 22: Distinguished Alumni Speaker, Zhili Feng, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "In Pursuit of the Perfect Weld - A Materials Scientist's Perspective"

Friday, Oct. 29: Michael Falk, Johns Hopkins University, "Two Tales of Metallic Glass: applying molecular dynamics simulation and thermodynamics to the study of deformation and cavitation"

Monday, Nov. 1: Sivom Manchiraju, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Peter Anderson, "Coupling Between Martensitic Transformation and Plasticity in Shape Memory Alloys"

Friday, Nov. 5: Jose Figueroa, National Energy Technology Laboratory, "U.S. DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory: Current CO2 Capture Research Efforts and Future Needs"

Wednesday, Nov. 17: Joshua Askin, PhD Candidate advised by Wolfgang Windl, "Atomic-level simulation of deformation in nanocrystalline and amorphous metals"

Monday, Nov. 22 (starts at 3:45): David McComb, Imperial College London, "Probing Complex Interfaces and Nanostructures Using Analytical Electron Microscopy"

Wednesday, Dec. 1: Andrew Boyne, PhD Candidate advised by Yunzhi Wang, "Phase field modeling of microstructure and property evolution: nanoisland formation and irradiation hardening"

Summer 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 10:00 am: Aswini Bharathula, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Kathy Flores, "Experimental and Computational Investigations of Strain Localization in Metallic Glasses"

Wednesday, August 18, 3:30 pm: John Foltz, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Hamish Fraser, "The Relationships Between Microstructure, Tensile Properties and Fatigue Life in Ti-5Al-5V-5Mo-3Cr-0.4Fe (Ti-5553)"

Tuesday, Sept. 7, 1:00 pm: Clarissa Yablinsky, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Kathy Flores, "Characterization of Fatigue Mechanisms in Ni-based Superalloys"

Spring 2010

Friday, April 2: Rajarshi Banerjee, Univ of North Texas, "Re-visiting Fundamental Issues in Phase Transformations: Role of Advanced Characterization Techniques"

Monday, April 5: Mo Li, Georgia Tech, "Localization process in amorphous solids: Atomistic simulation, statistical mechanics and continuum modeling"

Wednesday, April 14: Pieter Meyers, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, "Applications of Science and Technology in the Study of Works of Art in an Art Museum Laboratory"

Friday, April 23: Pelagia-Irene "Perena" Gouma, SUNY Stony Brook, "Nanomaterials for Sensors and Biotechnology"

Wednesday, May 5: Subra Suresh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Engineering the Future of Human Health"

Monday, May 10: Frank Ernst, Case Western Reserve University, "Alloy Surface Engineering by Inward Diffusion of Interstitial Solutes"

Friday, May 14: Bastian Maier, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Jerry Frankel, "Electrochemical behavior of stainless steel 304 under thin electrolyte layers"

Wednesday, May 19: Federico Gambina, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Rudy Buchheit, "EIS study to predict corrosion behavior of organic coatings on aluminum alloys using artificial neural networks"

Monday, May 24: Sean Brossia, DNV Corp., "Understanding the Risk of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Underground Nuclear Waste Storage Tanks - Using Fundamental Science to Solve Engineering Problems"

Monday, May 24: Jan Schroers, Yale University, "Bulk Metalic Glasses Form Like Plastics"
Dr. Schroers will provide the inaugural lecture for the Ohio Manufacturing Institute.

Friday, May 28: Amy Wagoner Johnson, Un of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Osteoconduction and osteointegration: new measures and the influence of microporosity and BMP-2 for calcium phosphates"

Wednesday, June 2: Hojun Lim, PhD Candidate advised by Robert Wagoner, "Meso-Scale Modeling of Polycrystal Deformation"

Friday, June 4: Jed Johnson, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. John Lannutti, "Aligned Fiber Arrays for Cell Based Devices"

Winter 2010

Wednesday, January 27: J. Wayne Jones, University of Michigan, "Very High Cycle Fatigue of Structural Materials"

Friday, February 12: Horacio E. Castillo, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Ohio University, "Fluctuations in the Relaxation of Glasses"

Friday, February 19: Jian-Feng Nie, Monash University, "Challenges Associated with Development of High Strength Magnesium Alloys"

Wednesday, February 24: Shannon Dahl, Humacyte, Inc., "Materials Engineering for Blood Vessel Replacement"

Friday, February 26: Eric Stach, Purdue University, "Real-time Observations of Nucleation and Growth in Nanowires and Nanotubes"

Monday, March 1: Santosh Koduri, PhD Candidate advised by Hamish Fraser

Wednesday, March 3: Robert Williams, PhD Candidate advised by Hamish Fraser

Friday, March 5: Yuan Zhang, PhD Candidate advised by Glenn Daehn

Monday, March 8: Tony Reynolds, University of South Carolina, "Fundamental Process Variable Relationships in Friction Stir Welding and Processing"

Wednesday, March 10: Ellen Cerreta, Los Alamos National Labs, "Small Scale Experiments to Support Strength and Damage Modeling"

Autumn 2009

Friday, September 25: Thomas Buchheit, Sandia National Laboratories, "Extracting Material Properties using Instrumented Indentation: Two case studies"

Friday, October 2: Tim Curry, Committee on Academic Misconduct, "Preventing and Reporting Academic Misconduct"

Friday, October 23: MSE Distinguished Alum Lecture--Edward Vinarcik, Robert Bosch Inc., "The Role of the Metallurgist Outside Metallurgy"

Friday, October 30: Xiaobing Ren, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan, "Strain Glass--A New Frontier of Martensite Research"

Friday, November 20: Richard M. Laine, University of Michigan, "Highly Polyfunctional Silsesquioxanes"

Friday, December 4: Mary Cavanaugh, PhD candidate advised by Dr. Rudy Buchheit, "Modeling the Environmental Dependence of Localized Corrosion Evolution in AA7075-T651"

Special Seminar--Monday, December 14, 9:30-11:00 a.m.: Dr. Liang Jiang, GE Global Research, "Diffusion Modeling and Applications"

Summer 2009

Monday, August 3, 10:00-11:00am, 395 Watts Hall: Ed Herderick, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Nitin Padture, "Novel Metal-Oxide-Metal Heterojunction Nanowires with Ferroelectric Functionality".

Spring 2009

Monday, April 13: Adam Pilchak, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Jim Williams, "The effect of friction stir processing on the microstructure and fatigue behavior of investment cast Ti-6Al-4V"

Wednesday, April 22: Laurence D. Marks, Northwestern University, "Oxide Surfaces"

Friday, May 15: Ken Gall, Georgia Tech, "NiTi Shape Memory Materials"

Monday, May 18: Ke Chen, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Robert Wagoner, "The Origin of Coarse Grain Structure in Friction-Stir Welded AA5083 after Heat Treatment"

Wednesday, May 20: Thomas Broderick, PhD candidate advised by Dr. Hamish Fraser, "Influence of Microstructure on Deformation of the Parent Beta Phase in Beta Annealed Alpha+Beta Titanium Alloys"

Friday, May 22: Kathy Lu, Virginia Tech, "Nanoparticle-Based Material Processing and Templating"

Wednesday, May 27: Emmanuel De Moor, Colorado School of Mines, "Assessment of Quench & Partitioning as a Fundamentally New Way of Producing Advanced High Strength Martensitic Steel Grades with Improved Ductility "

Friday, May 29: Badri Narayanan, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Michael Mills, "Effect of Alloying on Precipitate Evolution in Ferritic Weld Metal"

Monday, June 1: Eric Payton, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Michael Mills, "Characterization and Modeling of Grain Coarsening in Powder Metallurgical Nickel-based Superalloys"

Special Seminar: Wednesday, June 3, 12:30-1:18 in 131 Fonatana Labs: Jacques Lacaze, "Phase Diagram, Microsegregation, and Solidification Path"

Wednesday, June 3: Dong Liang, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Jerry Frankel, "Role of Chloride, Ozone & UV on Atmospheric Corrosion of Silver"

Friday, June 5: Elvin Beach, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Patricia Morris, "Picoliter Drop Deposition Of Oxide Nanoparticles: A Route To High Performance Microsensor Arrays"

Winter 2009

Monday, January 26: Michael Weimer, GE--Joint presentation with Aeronautical Engineering's seminar series. The talk will discuss materials challenges in the GeNx (GE's new engine for the Boeing 787 and the 747-8).

Friday, February 27: Markus Buehler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Deformation and Failure of Biological Protein Materials"

Friday, March 6: Fariaty Wong, PhD candiate advised by Dr. Rudy Buchheit, "The Effect of Alloy Composition on Localized Corrosion Behavior of Ni-Cr-Mo Alloys in Warm to Hot Chloride Solutions"

Wednesday, March 11: Peter Ma, University of Michigan, "Nanovehicles for Biomolecule Delivery and Regeneration"

Monday, March 16: Christopher Kiely, Lehigh University, "A More Realistic View of Gold Based Catalysts Using Aberration Corrected Analytical Electron Microscopy"

Autumn 2008

Thursday, October 23: Robert Schafrik, "Accelerating Materials and Process Development to Meet Customer Requirements in the New Millennium"

Monday, October 27: Ning Zhou, PhD candidate advised by Dr. Yunzhi Wang, "Simulation Study of Directional Coarsening (Rafting) of gamma prime in Single Crystal Ni-Al"

Friday, October 31: Andrei Kolmakov, Southern Illinois University, "Understanding of Metal Oxide Nanowire Chemical Sensors"

Friday, November 7: Warren MoberlyChan, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, "DualBeam SEM/FIB Applications & Prototyping Research: from cut-&-paste in the nano-kindergarten to see-&-do in the pico-preschool"

Wednesday, November 12: Kevin Garrity, Vice President of CC Technologies, "Failure Analysis; Methodologies for Site and Laboratory Investigations"

Friday, November 14: Stephen Rankin, University of Kentucky, "Design Principles for Surfactant-Templated Nanoporous Metal Oxides"

Friday, November 21: D. Scott MacKenzie, Distinguished Alumni, "Application of CFD and FEA to Predicting Distortion in Heat Treated Gears"

Monday, November 24: Paul Shade, PhD candidate advised by Dr. Hamish Fraser, "Small Scale Mechanical Testing Techniques and Application to Evaluate a Single Crystal Nickel Superalloy"

Monday, December 1: Inhee Lee, PhD candidate advised by Dr. Sheikh Akbar, "Li-electrolyte based CO2 sensors for a wide temperature range"

Friday, December 5: Kevin Ralston, PhD candidate advised by Dr. Rudy Buchheit, "Chromate-Free Corrosion Inhibition Of Aluminum Alloys: Vanadates And Anionic Exchange Clay Pigments"

Summer 2008

Monday, June 30: Kinga Unocic, The Ohio State University, PhD Candidate, "Structure-Composition-Property Relationships in 5xxx Series Aluminum Alloys"

Monday, July 7: Ryan Dehoff, The Ohio State University, PhD Candidate, "Microstructure and Properties of LENS? Deposited Nb-Ti-Si and Nb-Ti-Si Based Alloys"

Friday, July 11: Ben Peterson , The Ohio State University, PhD Candidate, "A Combinatorial Approach to the Development of a Creep Resistant Beta Titanium Alloy"

Friday, July 18: Matt Brandes, The Ohio State University, PhD Candidate, "The Effect of Primary and Secondary Alpha Morphology on the Cold Creep Response of BETA-Processed Ti-6-2-4-2"

Monday, July 21: Ray Unocic, The Ohio State University, PhD Candidate, "A TEM Study of Creep Deformation Mechanisms in Ni-base Disk Superalloys"

Wednesday, July 23: Weiqi Luo, The Ohio State University, PhD Candidate, "Atomistic Modeling of Complex Materials Systems: Carbynes, Carbon Nanotube Devices and Bulk Metallic Glasses"

Friday, July 25: Lanlin Zhang, The Ohio State University, PhD Candidate, "Fabrication and materials of magneto-photonic assemblies for high-gain antenna applications at GHz frequencies"

Friday, August 1: Billie Wang, The Ohio State University, PhD Candidate, "Phase field modeling of microstructural evolution in Ni-base superalloys"

Monday, August 4: Aysegul Aygun, The Ohio State University, PhD Candidate, "Novel Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs) that are Resistant to High Temperature Attack by CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 (CMAS) Glassy Deposits

Spring 2008

Friday, April 4: Elaine Haberer, University of California-Santa Barbara, "A Merging of Materials and Device Perspectives through Fabrication and Assembly: GaN Microdisks and Bio-Templated Photovoltaic Materials"

Friday, April 11: Michael Scarpulla, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara, "Epitaxial Films of Unconventional Dilute Semiconductor Alloys"

Thursday, April 24: K. Andre Mkhoyan, Cornell University, "Quantitative Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy at Atomic-Scale"

Thursday, May 1: Roberto Myers, University of California, Santa Barbara, "Engineering Spin Landscapes in Semiconductors: From Bulk Ferromagnetism to Single Moments"

Wednesday, May 21: Craig S. Hartley, El Arroyo Enterprises LLC, "Deformation Textures and Mechanical Properties of FCC and HCP Metals Predicted by Crystal Plasticity Codes"

Winter 2008

Monday, January 28: Peter Pappas, Committee on Academic Misconduct, The Ohio State University

Friday, February 1: Huyong Lee, The Ohio State University, PhD Candidate advised by Dr. Sheikh Akbar, "Fabrication of 1-D Nanostructures by Gas-Phase Reaction"

Friday, February 8: John Lewandowski, Case Western Reserve University, "Flow and Fracture Behavior of Bulk Metallic Glasses"

Friday, February 15: Daniel Lacks, Case Western Reserve University, "Interplay of Aging, Structure and Mechanical Deformation in Glassy Materials"

Friday, February 22: Arda Genc, The Ohio State University, "Characterization of Nanoscale Metallic Multilayers"

Autumn 2007

Friday, September 28: S. Ted Oyama, Virgina Tech "Nanostructure of a High-Permeability, Hydrogen-Selective Inorganic Membrane"

Friday, October 12: Jim Wittig, Vanderbilt University "The Areal Density Compound Growth Rate of Magnetic Recording Media"

Friday, October 19: Distinguished Alumni Speaker Guy-michel Raynaud, Alcan Engineered Products "Innovation and Customer Focus Through Material Science"

Wednesday, October 24: Michael Rauscher "Self-Assembled Pseudo-Periodic Array of Nano-Islands"

Friday, October 26: Narasi Sridhar, DNV "Integrated System Health Management of Corroding Systems"

Friday, November 2: Easo George, Oak Ridge National Labs "Investigation of Small-Scale Plasticity by Micropillar Compression and Nanoindentation"

Friday, November 9: Steve W. Martin, Iowa State University "Alkali Thiohydroxometallates: A New Class of Intermediate Temperature Proton Conducting Ceramic Membranes"

Friday, November 16: Michelle Dickinson, Hysitron "Nanoindentation - cutting edge research for a multi-disciplined community"

Summer 2007

Wednesday, June 27 Matt Mottern, "Recent progress in the development and characterization of inorganic membranes"

Monday, July 30 Michael Groeber "Towards the Incorporation of Realistic Microstructures in Computational Models: A Framework for Automated 3D Microstructure Analysis and Representation"

Friday, August 3 Barbara Padgett "Investigation into the stress corrosion cracking behavior of AA2099"

Monday, August 6 Frank Zalar "Model and Theoretical Simulation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell"

Friday, August 10 David Norfleet "Sample Size Effects Related to Nickel and Titanium at the Micron Size Scale"

Thursday, August 30 Andrew Emge "The effects of sliding velocity on the tribological behavior of copper and associated nanostructure development"

Monday, September 10 Santi Chrisanti "The Application of Ion-Exchanged Clay as Corrosion Inhibiting Pigments in Organic Coatings"

Spring 2007

Friday, April 6: Yiying Wu, Chemistry, OSU (CD) "Complex Nanostructures for Energy Conversion and Storage"

Monday, May 7: Yasutaka Iguchi, Hachinohe National College of Technology, Japan "Impact of Today's Steel Industry on Metals, Ceramics and Bio-Materials Fields"

Friday, May 11: J.C. Zhao, GE Global Research (JW) "A High-Throughput Approach to Computational Thermodynamics"

Wednesday, May 16: [4:00-5:00] Heather Powell (JJL) "Design of polymeric scaffolds for dermal and epidermal tissue regeneration"

Friday, May 18: Alex King, Purdue University "Triple Junction Science & Engineering"

Winter 2007

Friday, Jan 19: Richard T. Hart, Biomedical Engineering, OSU (PA) "Modeling Behavior of Porous Tissues"

Friday, Jan 26: Ssrdjan Nesic, Ohio University (GF) "Pipeline Corrosion"

Monday, Feb. 5: Hong Jin Kim, PhD candidate advised by Dr. David Rigney "Structural and compositional changes of tribomaterial induced by unlubricated sliding of aluminum; experiment and computer simulation"

Friday, Feb 16: Richard K. Brow, University of Missouri-Rolla (CD) "Failure Studies of Pristine Glass Fibers"

Monday, Feb. 19: Amol Jadhav, PhD candidate advised by Dr. Nitin Padture "Superior Thermal Barrier Coatings for Industrial Gas-Turbine Engines Using a Novel Solution Precursor Plasma Spray Process"

Wednesday, Feb 21: Mohit Bhatia, PhD candidate advised by Dr. Michael Sumption "MgB2 Superconductors: Processing, Characterization and Enhancement of Critical Fields"

Friday, Feb 23: John Mauro, Corning (PG) "Multi-scale Modeling of Covalent Glasses"

Wednesday, March 7, 11:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m. in room 184 Watts Hall: Professor Ke Lu, Director of the Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences "Nanostructured surface layer on bulk metallic materials processed by means of surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT)"

Autumn 2006

Wednesday, September 27: Namita Deo, TRI/Princeton "Nano-Biotechnology for Medical Applications, Mineral Beneficiation, and Toxic Remediation."

Monday, October 2: Di Yu, Ph.D. candidate advised by Dr. Henk Verweij "Inorganic Mesoporous Membrane for Water Purification Applications: Synthesis, Testing and Modeling"

Wednesday, October 4: Sharvan Kumar, Brown University "Synchroshear in Laves Phases"

Friday, October 6: Ned Thomas, MIT "Deaf, Blind and Tough: Having Fun with Periodic Polymers"

Wednesday, October 11: Rajendra Kumar Kasinath, University of Montana "'Event Driven' Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite Hybrid Nano-Structures for Biomedical Applications"

Friday, October 13: Brian Lawn, NIST "Materials Design for Biomedical Applications." (NP)

Friday, October 20: Larry Hench, University of London "21st Century Challenges for Biomaterials"

Monday, October 23: Carmen Carney, Ph.D. candidate advised by Dr. Sheikh Akbar, "Nanostructured Oxides by Gas Phase Reactions and Their Applications"

Tuesday, October 24: George D. W. Smith, University of Oxford "Studies of Surface and Interface Segregation at the Atomic Level by 3D Atom Probe" (this talk is not part of the MSE 795 series of seminars)

Wednesday, October 25: Shanfeng Wang, Mayo Clinic "The Role of Polymer Science in Designing and Understanding Novel Biomaterials for Tissue-Engineering Applications"

Friday, October 27: Distinguished Alumna Lecture Lillian Skogsberg "Extending the Use of Low Alloys Steels and Corrosion Resistant Alloys for Oil and Gas Applications"

Friday, November 3: Michael Glazoff, Alcoa "Plastic Deformation Changes Visual Appearance of Metals"

Friday, November 17: Brian Gleeson, Iowa State "Pitfalls of β-NiAl-based Coatings and the Intriguing Prospects of Pt+Hf-Modified γ-Ni+γ'-Ni3Al Coatings"

Wednesday, December 6: Jianjun Guan, Univ. of Pittsburgh, "Engineering of biodegradable and elastomeric scaffolds for cardiovascular tissue engineering"