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MSE Administration

Conference rooms

MSE-WE departmental conference rooms
The MSE complex provides three conference rooms that may be reserved for student and staff use: 145 Fontana Labs, 177 Watts Hall, and 184 Watts Hall. Additionally, 479 Watts Hall--a student lounge--may be "occupied". Room attributes and reservation instructions provided.

Welding Engineering conference space may be reserved by contacting Ed Pfeifer, Welding Engineering Laboratory Manager, to request conference room space at the Edison Joining Technology Center (phone: 292-4139, email, rm 106 EJTC).

Media equipment

Media equipment for presentation needs
Computer projectors, a digital camera, and MSE-WE demos are available for students, staff, and faculty of the MSE-WE department. Includes links to OSU's Classroom Services support and Engineering Region 6; both can provide additional presentation equipment.

Outgoing mail, MSE

MSE outgoing mail procedure
Mail may be sent from the MSE department via two means, US Postal Service (non-express) and United Parcel Service UPS (express). Provides flowchart for handling outgoing mail shipments.

  • Welding Engineering: Please see Ed Pfeifer for outgoing mail procedures.

Textbook orders

Textbook ordering process for MSE & WE instructors
Textbooks are ordered by means of the Barnes & Noble / OSU Bookstore site. These orders are shared with the other campus bookstores via OSU Bookstores.

Fiscal Policies, Procurement, & Procedures

The MSE-WE department Fiscal Officer is:

Mei Wang
177 Watts Hall
E-mail the MSE Fiscal Officer

Further information on Fiscal Policies, Procurement, and Procedures
Provides information on University, College, and Departmental fiscal policies. Includes Purchasing Office forms, CoE Business Meal forms, policy statements, and more.

Human Resources

The MSE-WE department Human Resources Officer is:

Mei Wang
177 Watts Hall
E-mail the MSE Human Resources Officer

Further information on Human Resources
Provides access to eLeave and eTimesheet online forms as well as the OSU Office of Human Resources. Includes links to general benefits, OSU HR forms & polices, Payroll Services, and more. "Volunteer and Visitor Release form" is also found at this link.


Further information on Travel
Provides links to CoE and OSURF travel guidelines, policies, and forms.

Transportation and Parking Services

OSU Transportation & Parking
Information on parking passes, lot locations, campus bus service and more.

Note: Graduate students who hold a GRA or Fellowship appointment may request permission to purchase a Staff ("B") parking pass, including garage access. Please contact the Graduate Studies Coordinator for details.

Records retention guidelines

University Archives' record retention guidelines
Retention schedules for student and course records, employment records, financial records, and more.

Office of Information Technology

OSU Office of Information Technology
Provides support for Carmen, name.## accounts, and other university-hosted IT concerns. The customer service help line is 688-HELP (4357).

Office of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs
This office has responsibility for the administration, coordination, and development of all academic functions of the university.

University academic calendar

University Registrar calendar
Provides key dates--such as starting & ending dates, finals, and Commencement--for the coming years. 

Office of Legal Affairs

Office of Legal Affairs
Services include advice and counsel on all matters having legal significance for the university, the oversight of litigation, contract review, and preventive law workshops and educational programs.

Office of University Relations

University Relations
This office coordinates universitywide communications and reputation management, working with both the internal community as well as extra-university relations. Includes Research News, Web Services, Visual Identity, Photography and other divisions.