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MSE 7895 student policies

Course description

MSE 7895, MSE department colloquium is the main venue for dissemination of state-of-the-art research discoveries and innovations in materials science and engineering at The Ohio State University. Colloquium speakers are distinguished scientists from around the world invited by the MSE faculty to present recent developments in their research discipline.

Credits and Grading

MSE 7895 is a one credit hour graduate-level course which is graded Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. A student will receive a grade of S or U based on colloquium attendance throughout the term of enrollment, as detailed below.

Registration requirement

MSE Graduate students are required to register for MSE 7895 every AU & SP semester of enrollment in the graduate degree program.

MSE 7895 Schedule

The MSE department colloquia take place every Friday afternoon during each semester between 3 and 4 pm, unless otherwise noted on the MSE department Events page. It is the student's responsibility to check the calendar to ensure attendance at all colloquium talks. If no talk is posted for a given date, the student is not required to attend.

MSE Colloquia and required attendance

The MSE department frequently schedules technical talks--"colloquia"--that can include distinguished invited speakers from around the globe, as well as local scientists, faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and PhD candidates.

Attendance is required at ALL MSE colloquia presentations unless prior approval of an absence has been granted.

BuckID required to register attendance--All OSU students are to have a valid OSU student identification, a BuckID. In order to receive credit for attending the colloquia, students must swipe their BuckID prior to the talk (the swipe reader will deactivate 15 minutes after the start of the scheduled talk).

If the student forgets to bring his/her BuckID, the student should ask his/her advisor to email Mark Cooper.73 requesting to count the student as present.


Attendance is required at ALL MSE colloquia presentations. Absences can NOT be made up by attending presentations outside the MSE 7895 series. If for professional or medical reasons a student must miss a colloquium presentation, the student must request the permission of his/her advisor to miss the talk. 

Process for requesting absence:

  1. Student emails advisor to request to miss a colloquium (do not cc Mark).
  2. If advisor approves, forward email approval to Mark Cooper(.73).

Optional MSE Seminars

MSE seminars provide personal and/or professional growth opportunities for our students. Topics include OSU's Library Services, graduation procedures, academic misconduct, engineering ethics discussions, and more. Students are encouraged to attend these seminars if possible. Attendance is optional, unless otherwise noted.

Waiving MSE 7895 registration

If a student is unable to enroll due to a class conflict or other reason, students must petition the MSE Graduate Studies Committee to waive the registration requirement (send petition to Mark Cooper). Petitions are to be approved prior to the start of the semester in question.