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MS with Thesis graduation procedures, WE

Note that all date references below assume that the student wishes to attend Commencement in the semester for which s/he applies to graduate. Details about End-of-Semester (i.e., after Commencement) deadlines are provided at the bottom of this page.


First, please remember to register for at least the minimum number of required credit hours in the semester in which you wish to graduate:

  • If you are self-funded, at least 3 credit hours (also applies to company/government-funded students--confirm minimum hours with funding source).
  • If funded by a GRA or Fellow position (this would include making use of a Summer Term Fee Authorization)--see enrollment instructions found on under the "MSE Graduate Students" site.
  • International students: be sure to register for the minimum number of credits required for your visa type and funding source (you may wish to confirm with OIA).

Applying to graduate

Complete the Application to Graduate request form
MSE-WE students must complete the form at the link above to receive an Application to Graduate. Upon submission of this form, the MSE-WE Graduate Studies Coordinator will review the student's academic status. A Student Status Summary and further instructions will be e-mailed to the student.

Electronic submission of thesis

Master's theses are required to be submitted electronically--i.e., in PDF format--through the state's library network, OhioLINK ( Hard-copy final approved theses are no longer submitted (though a hard-copy draft should be submitted for formatting review to the Graduate School prior to any electronic submission).

  • Preparing your thesis
    Graduate School "Dissertation and Theses" instructions Instructions regarding margins and formatting as well as procedures for electronic submission of theses, including a tutorial on how to convert a document to PDF and add multimedia to the document. The Graduate School also provides information on workshops, FAQs, thesis templates, sample pages, and more.

The Electronic Thesis / Dissertation (ETD) is different from its paper predecessor in a few important aspects. First, it provides a technologically advanced medium for expressing your ideas. You may prepare an ETD by using nearly any word processor or document preparation system and by incorporating relevant multimedia objects. Second, it is less expensive for you to prepare. By creating an ETD, you avoid the requirement of submitting multiple copies on special paper. Third, ETDs promote greater access to your research. ETDs are made available to anyone that browses the web. They consume virtually no library shelf space, and never collect dust. Overall, ETDs contribute to worldwide graduate education and unlock the underutilized results of graduate research for the scholarly community.

Your thesis should be uploaded by at least the Monday between the third and second Wednesday before Commencement. This allows a minimum amount of time for Graduation Services to be notified by OhioLINK that your thesis has been uploaded, perform a formatting review, and contact you to confirm receipt.


OSU Commencement information

As regards specific Commencement ceremony procedures, those who have submitted an Application to Graduate by the third Friday of the semester will receive a Commencement Information Packet from the Graduate School. This will provide details on the ceremony, including your numbered assignment in the Commencement line.

This packet is provided mid-semester to your local address / email address (therefore it is very important that you provide the Graduate School with your current contact information).

Any questions about the ceremony should be addressed to the Graduation Services Office within the Graduate School, 292-6031.

Missing Commencement deadlines

You may find that you are unable to complete the final requirements in time to meet the Graduate School deadlines for submission. If so, you will not be permitted to take part in that semester's Commencement.

End-of-semester graduates

If the Commencement submission deadlines are missed, you have until the last business day before the start of the next semester to submit all required items (forms, fees, documents, etc.). If this final deadline is met, you will receive the degree during Commencement at the end of the following semester. If requested, the MSE-WE department can provide a verification letter confirming completion of all degree requirements.


Please e-mail the MSE-WE Graduate Studies Coordinator, go to 143 Fontana Lab, or call (614) 292-7280 with any questions.

You may also wish to contact the Graduation Services Office in the Graduate School, 247 University Hall, at 292-6031.