ManufacturingX Laboratory

photo of Dr. Xun Liu, Welding Engineering Ohio State University and team from ManufacturingX Lab


ManufacturingX Lab focuses on development and analysis of advanced manufacturing process, which integrates mechanical, material and computational modeling multidisciplinary research fields. Innovative manufacturing processes are developed based on new mechanical design, control system and more importantly, the underlying physics that drive the success of the process. In line monitoring and measurements enables direct process analysis, which is complemented with the coupled thermo-mechanical computational models. Since material mechanical behavior and microstructure are fundamental factors in manufacturing process and determining final product properties, in situ material testing and advanced characterizations are also active fields of study performed in the lab.

ManufacturingX Lab is led by Dr. Xun Liu, an assistant Professor in Welding Engineering Program, Material Science and Engineering Department. Dr. Liu finished her PhD study in Mechanical Engineering Department at University of Michigan in 2016. She also holds a Master degree in Material Science and Engineering in University of Michigan. 

Principal Investigator


Autumn 2022: WE4021/7021 Solid State Welding Process

The class covers physical principles of solid-state welding and a variety of different processes, including friction stir welding, friction welding, ultrasonic welding, transient liquid phase bonding, diffusion bonding, impact welding and some innovative processes that are recently developed. Process parameter, weld microstructure and properties will be discussed systematically.