Metallographic sample prep CAMM

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Allied HighTech parallel polisher

The MultiPrep™ System provides 1 micron resolution for semi-automatic sample preparation of a wide range of materials for optical, SEM, OIM, TEM, FIB, and serial sectioning procedures. The MultiPrep™ System can facilitate parallel polishing, precise angle polishing, and site specific polishing for almost every microscopy application within CAMM. Touch-pad switches control all operations, with a numerical keypad to program platen speed, timer, oscillation and rotation settings. The system uses water as the standard coolant, however, automatic drip or dosing systems are available to apply abrasive suspensions and/or lubricants. The MultiPrep™ System provides reproducible sample preparation results by eliminating inconsistencies between users. 

The functionality and versatility of this tool are capable of extending to a number of different material systems, however, CAMM uses it mainly with nickel and titanium alloys.  Currently, the main uses of the tool are preparation of samples for serial sectioning with the NOVA FIB and conventional TEM grinding which require the samples to be polished to a thickness of 30-100 microns such that the surfaces remain parallel with one another.

Technical details

  • DUAL micrometer controlled positioning of the sample to monitor removed material and overall thickness
  • Adjustable sample load 0-600 grams
  • Cross-sectioning paddle used to hold unencapsulated samples
  • TEM/Pre-FIB holder used for TEM wedge/plan-view polishing
  • Pre-FIB thinning fixture w/ Pyrex inserts,
  • Heating/Mounting Stage
  • TEM/FIB thinning fixture used for wedge/plan-view TEM polishing and multiple sample FIB thinning
  • SIMS/Backside pyrex holder used for sample thinning
  • Parallel Polishing Fixture used when polishing samples parallel to the platen
  • Mount Holder, 1.5" diameter used to secure encapsulated samples
  • Weight Kit used for grinding samples that require extra pressure
  • Irregular Sample Fixture used to secure larger or odd-shaped samples


Buehler auto polisher

The BuehlerVanguardTM 2000 autopolisher is a fully automated grinding/polishing system that can prepare metallographic samples for microstructural analysis from start to finish without continuous operator involvement.  Some of the autopolisher’s features include: an easy to use interface, dispensing system, multiple platens, and ultrasonic cleaner.  The autopolisher makes preparing many samples for use in the SEM or on the optical microscope simple and fast.  The autopolisher is most helpful during the large stereology “pushes” when many samples need to be prepared and analyzed in a short amount of time.

Ancillary Equipment:

The Simplimet 1000 Automatic Mounting Press, made by Buehler Inc., is an easy to use automatic mounting press.  Up to two 1.25” metallographic mounts can be prepared at a time in any desired tradition thermo set mounting medium.


Make: Buehler Inc.
Model: BuehlerVanguardTM 2000
Sample Capacity: 3-6 1.25” Diameter metallographic mounts
Platen Capacity: Up to six different diamond grinding discs, papers, or polishing pads
Dispensing Capacity: 6 different fluids plus water
Platen Rotation Speed: 20-350 rpm
Head Rotation Speed: 30, 60, or 120 rpm in either direction
Head Force: 1-20 lbs. per sample

Simplimet 1000:
Make: Buehler Inc.
Model: Simplimet 1000 Automatic Mounting Press
Sample Capacity: 2 1.25” Diameter metallographic mounts
Heat Time: 0-20 minutes
Cool Time: 0-30 minutes
Pressure: 1200-4400 psi


Struers LectroPol electropolisher (Room/Cryo Temp)

The LectroPol-5 is an automatic, micro-processor controlled electrolytical polishing and etching machine for a metallographic specimens.  It includes a scanning function for easy determination of parameters and a database with methods for various materials.  It allows for short polishing times and maximum reproducibility of results.  An external cooling unit is attached for sub-zero temperature polishing.

Technical Details

Power Supply
50/60Hz (max. load 9.8A) 1 x 100V / 120V
50/60Hz (max. load 4.9A) 1 x 220V / 240V
Output voltage/current
Polishing 0 - 100V (1V steps) / 6A
Etching 0 - 25V (0.5 V steps) / 6A
External Etching 0 - 15V (0.5 V steps) / 1.5A
Software and Electronics
Display 128 x 240 dots (16 x 40 characters)
Controls Touch pad
Database 10 Struers methods + 20 user defi nable methods (non volatile)


LectroPol-5 Code
Fully automatic, microprocessor controlled electrolytic polishing and etching apparatus. Complete with control unit, polishing unit
(LECTA) and external etching unit (LECED). One set of masks
(LECMA) and two electrolyte containers (LECON) included. LECFI
Control unit with external etching device LECOP
Polishing unit with one set of masks (LECMA) and two electrolyte containers (LECON) LECTA
Polishing unit for polishing at sub-zero temperatures, with one set of masks (LECMA) and two electrolyte containers (LECON) LECOL
Switchbox for the connection of two polishing units to a LectroPol-5
Control Unit. LECBO
Connection kit for data transfer between LectroPol-5 and a PC, until serial no.4930221 LECPO
Connection print for data transfer between LectroPol-5 and a PC, from serial no.4930222 LECPC
Extension Arm, for the preparation of specimens up to 100 mm high.
Can be mounted on pol. unit LECOL and on pol.unit LECTA from serial no. 4935250 LECAR
1 set of masks (0,5, 1, 2, 5 cm2 and 1 without aperture.) LECMA
1 set of 5 masks 0,5 cm2 LECHA
1 set of 5 masks 1 cm2 LECNE
1 set of 5 masks 2 cm2 LECTO
1 set of 5 masks 5 cm2 LECVE
1 set of 5 masks without aperture LECNO
Electrolyte container with lid LECON
External etching unit LECED