Media equipment

MSE departmental equipment

The MSE department provides a computer projector and a digital camera for use by MSE-WE faculty, staff, and students.

To reserve these items, please contact the Administrative staff at 614-688-3050 or come to 177 Watts Hall.

MSE-WE demos

MSE-WE demonstration items are also available for sign out. These demos include such items as a Space Shuttle tile, shape-memory alloy, castings, biomaterial implants, and more.

To reserve any of these demos, please contact the Academic Services staff at 614-292-7280, email, or come to 5027 Smith Labs. These items are stored in 5027 Smith Labs.

Engineering Region 6 equipment

Equipment maintained by Engineering Region 6 (ECR6)
Items available for MSE-WE students include computer projectors, digital cameras, and a digital camcorder.

Classroom Services

Link to Classroom Services
This OSU office provides logistical support for courses taught at Ohio State. Services include equipment loan, delivery and setup for classroom and student group use.

Location: 025 Central Classrooms Bldg, 2009 Millikin Rd.

Phone: 614-292-3131