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Mail procedures

The MSE department provides outgoing mail service via two services: US Postal Service (meter mail) for non-express shipments and United Parcel Service (UPS) for express mailings.

  • Important: Billing account numbers (also known as "chart field numbers") are required to mail items. For account numbers, please contact a supervisor, advisor, Principal Investigator, or Mei Wang, MSE-WE Fiscal Officer.

Helpful links

  • OSU Receiving and Mail
    Provides drop-box locations, policies, and more.
    Service Center: 614-292-2694
    OSU-UPS Pickup: 614-292-6967
  • Track mailings
    The Receiving and Mail department can provide a tracking number to check the status of mailings (requires OSU login).
  • Shipping Hazardous Materials
    Research will, at times, require the shipping of materials which are potentially hazardous or dangerous. As a shipper of a hazardous material or dangerous good, you are required to correctly classify, package, and ship the material. In-depth information provided by UPS.

US Postal Service Meter Mail

Required: account bar code label from advisor/PI/department which is used to bill the mailing to a specific account. To generate the needed bar code for postage, the advisor/PI should use the Meter Mail Request form (requires OSU log in) found on the OSU Receiving and Mail web site.

Attach the account label to the envelope or package. Remember to fully address the mailing including a return address with the sender's name.


Fully address, affix account label, and drop off envelope at either of these locations:

  1. 143 Fontana Labs office. Mailing will be included with next out-going mail pick up (typically by 9:30 a.m. on business days).
  2. Campus drop-boxes. US Postal Service Meter Mailings may be dropped in any "Campus Mail" drop box found on campus (closest is located in front of Stillman Hall, about one block from the MSE dept.). These boxes collect both on-campus inter-office mailings and meter mail. Pick-up times are provided on the drop-box.


Fully address, affix account label, and drop off package with 143 Fontana Labs staff.

  • If package is small and easily handled, it will be included with next out-going mail pick up (typically by 9:30 a.m. on business days).
  • If package is bulky, large, and/or heavy (greater than 5 lbs.), sender must arrange with University Mail Services (requires OSU Login) for package pick up.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

Request UPS shipping label
Please contact Mark Cooper (.73, 614-292-7280) to confirm that someone is available to process your UPS shipment request. Generation of a UPS mailing label is done on-line using the link above and involves data input by 143 FL staff. This includes such data such as:

  • Recipient's full address,
  • Recipient's daytime phone number and email address, if known,
  • Approximate weight and dimensions of the package,
  • Insured value, if any, etc.

Seal the package and make arrangements with the 143 FL staff to affix a UPS mailing label.

Package pickup:
The sender--not MSE staff--
must arrange with University Mail Services (requires OSU login) a location for package pick up. Print the Pickup Ref ID sheet and attach to package.

UPS Complete View
For those trained to use UPS Complete View. Log-in to the UPS system to generate mailing labels. Remember to arrange a pick-up of the package.

Shipping ASSIST
For those trained to use UPS Complete View. A help wiki providing detailed information on the completion of the UPS Complete View fields and screens.

Be trained to use the UPS on-line system

OSU's Receiving and Mail office provides training on the use of the UPS shipping system, UPS Complete View. Training involves a one-hour session at the University Mail facility on Kenny Road. This self-service has a number of benefits including:

  • By-pass the 143 Fontana staff and generate UPS mailing labels from your computer,
  • Receive email notification of pick-ups, deliveries, and problems, sent to both for the sender and the recipient,
  • Control over selection of shipping costs,
  • Tracking and history features,
  • Address book for common recipients, and more.

For training, please contact the Receiving and Mail office (see UPS Training link on Receiving and Mail's site).